Backup and Restore with iTunes!

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You have an iPhone but you’ve never used iTunes. Do you need it? Maybe you don’t even know what iTunes is! In this article, we will discuss how you can use Apple’s free software to backup, update and wipe your device. Strap in for some iPhone Basics 101! Let’s sharpen those pencils…

If you’re the proud owner of an iPhone, iPod or iPad, you should have iTunes installed on your home computer or laptop. Why is this necessary? Without iTunes, you don’t have access to many of the functions of your cell phone or tablet. Using your iPhone without iTunes is kinda like wearing your shoes without socks. What’s more, iTunes is free software that you can find at with a quick and easy registration process. Once iTunes is safely installed on your computer, we’re ready to explore the must-have functionality of backing your device up to a computer and removing/restoring your data.

itunes apple icon

When you first plug your Apple device into your computer with iTunes open, you need to look for an easy-to-miss icon that will appear. Clicking on this icon will open up the options for your iThing to communicate with your computer. Check out the image below for where to find the icon! Please note, the icon may look slightly different if you have an iPad plugged in or if you are running a different version of iTunes (here, we are running version 12.8).

Now that we have clicked on this icon, we have a few basic options to choose from in the main window. Theses options are: Check for Update, Restore iPhone (or iPad or iPod), Back up Now, and Restore Backup. Let’s look at each of these options in detail:

Check for Update

Keeping your iOS (the operating system that runs your Apple product) up to date is important for a number of reasons! Click this button to see if you need to update your phone. A download will need to occur before your device can be updated. Typically takes 10-20 minutes.

Restore iPhone

Restoring your iPhone will wipe all data from your device and restore it back to factory settings. This option is great if your device is starting to slow down, if you are selling your phone or if you had a new battery installed recently. Restoring your device will let your phone understand that a new battery has been installed and this step may be necessary to ensure you iPhone is acting properly after our repair. Restoring your phone in this manner will also give you the opportunity to back up your device before the procedure begins.

Back Up Now

As advertised, this option backs up your device! On the left hand side (see the smaller red circle in the image), you have the option of backing up to your computer or to the iCloud, which is an online data storage option. We prefer to do both – it never hurts be be extra certain you have all of your data saved in two places!

Restore Backup

This option allows you to restore your data back onto your device after wiping it. You may also need this function if you have purchased a new/used device and are looking to transfer your information onto your new gadget.
That’s it! Easy, right? Don’t forget, we have a great sale for nearly all of our iPhone battery replacements for the entire year of 2018. Now you can get your repair, wipe your device and backup/restore your data without breaking a sweat. Pop into GoMobile Repair at our Vancouver location for a quick fix or book your iPhone repair at your place by calling us at 604-700-6049.

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