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Sell Your Old Cell – Get Cash Money

No doubt, if you’re enjoying your fancy new smartphone with all the bells and whistles, thoughts of your old junker are a distant memory. But did you know that you can sell your old cell phone for money? Every week, we buy and sell all sorts of used and refurbished devices at our Vancouver location – from the Blackberry Bold Z10 to the iPhone 5S – to the Samsung Galaxy S6 – to the iPhone 7 Plus! What is your old phone worth?

If you have an old cell phone that you would like to sell to GoMobile, simply pop by our shop at 245 W Broadway and we’ll give it an assessment. After our diagnostic, we’ll contact you with a quote on its value and we’ll email you the money! It’s far more useful to have cash in your pocket than a dusty old phone in your bottom drawer.

What Can I  Expect When I Sell My Cell Phone?

Although this post is not meant to be a definitive guide on exactly how much money you can make by selling your phone to us, we can tell you a few things that will help you understand what puts your cell phone in the good books (cha-ching!) and what’s not so good (womp-womp). Regardless of the condition of your aging device, here’s some things to note about how much you can get when you sell your phone:


if there is anything wrong with your device, like a shattered glass screen or a dead battery, this will reduce the value of your phone. But being one of Vancouver’s premier cell phone repair shops, we can easily refurbish most devices and make them new again. In other words, your damaged goods still has value!


If you have an old iPhone, for example, they come in different colours, different models and they all have different amounts of storage capacity. If your phone has 16GB worth of storage, it’s not worth as much as a phone with 64GB of storage. Fortunately, we sell phones for people of all walks of life and some people aren’t looking for a huge amount of space on their cell. Any capacity will be considered but more is worth more dough.


It goes without saying: if your phone is 2 years old, it’s most likely worth more than a phone that is 5 years old. We sell iPhones as old as the iPhone 4S and devices as old as the BlackBerry 9900. We typically only sell devices that are at least one-two years old as well. If it’s too new like the iPhone X, it’s probably still worth a fortune and we won’t consider it just yet. But soon!

Water Damage and Bent Phones

If your device is suffering from either of these conditions, there is a high likelihood that we will not accept this device for purchase. We guarantee our used and refurbished phones for a whopping six months so if your phone is water-logged or curved, it has sadly been compromised and may break down at any moment. We may consider these phones for parts, however, so there’s no harm in asking us!

OK, I Want to Sell My Cell Phone. Show Me the Money!

So if you want to sell your cell phone and get paid quickly, GoMobile Repair is a great option. We won’t low ball you like some other companies (cough, cough, APPLE STORE, cough cough*) and, what’s more, we won’t turn you away just because your phone is damaged. Come into our shop at 245 W Broadway and sell us your old iPhone or Android!


How to Avoid Cell Phone Battery Replacements

Next to screen replacements for cracked glass digitizers, cell phone battery replacements are something we perform nearly every day. Until there is a battery revolution that sees us moving away from lithium-ion technology, batteries dying over time is just a simple fact of life. So how can we make our batteries last longer?

Turn on Battery Saving Mode

This might be obvious, but both the latest iOS and Android OS have a battery saver mode. Turning this feature on will modify a few software settings to make your smartphone battery last longer. It is not recommended that you always use this feature as it will slow down your phone and make loading times longer but it’s a great idea if you’re just using your phone as a phone (what a concept!) or texting. Turn it off for watching videos, internet browsing and gaming.

Understand How to Charge your Phone

There is a lot of debate on how you should charge your phone to make it last longer. Although we used to recommend that you charge your phone from as low to 0% as you are comfortable with all the way up to 100% once per day (at night works best), recent studies have shown otherwise. The battery experts now recommend charging your device once it hits around 40% and unplug it once it reaches 80%.

Avoid Extreme Hot and Cold Temperatures

Don’t leave your phone in your glovebox in on a hot muggy day and think twice about bringing your phone on that icy-cold ski slope. Cell phone batteries are designed to run best at temperatures between 16° to 22° C. Charging your phone in extreme conditions can harm your smartphone battery further as well. If your phone gets too hot or cold, keep it at room temperature and your phone should operate as normal once again.

Don’t Use Fast Charging

Fast charging cell phones are all the latest rage but did you know that fast-charging actually degrades your battery. So unless you really need that blast of juice in a short period of time, it is highly recommended that you charge your phone the regular slow, old-fashioned way. Similarly, charging your device with a 2.4A power adapter (think the big iPad cube) is worse for your battery than a 1.2A one (like the smaller iPhone cube).

Store Your Device Around 50% Battery Life

Are you storing your device for a long period of time? If you want to prolong visiting us for a cell phone battery replacement, it is recommended that you store your device between 40%-60% battery capacity. This is exactly how we store our phones for sale at our shop! Smart, hey?

Turn Down Screen Brightness

A brighter screen can mean a dimmer battery life. We see a lot of people frown when we show them their screen at a lower brightness but believe us: your eyes will adjust to your less intense screen in no time.

Disable Push Notifications

Push notifications refer to those “helpful” little pop-ups that can show up on your screen from time to time. Basically, your phone is constantly searching the internet for updates and when your app or operations system sees there is something new to report – BING! You get an alert. It may be handy but it is a hog on your battery’s resources.

Use a 3G Cellular Network, Turn Off 4G/LTE

These days, when you get a new phone, it will automatically be using a 4G/LTE cellular network option. They make downloading much faster but did you know that they also take a lot more battery power than the 3G network? In our experience travelling around Vancouver, the 3G network not only uses less battery consumption but it is more reliable too!

Turn Off Location Services

Does your camera app really need to know your location? You’d be surprised at how many of your apps are trying to figure out exactly where on Earth you are. It goes without saying: allowing all of your apps to pinpoint your GPS location is destroying your battery performance. Choose wisely which apps can use this feature.

Turn Off Vibrate/Haptic Feedback

Buzz buzz buzz! That’s the sound of your battery depleting. The tiny little motor that spins around inside your phone to make it vibrate uses…you guessed it…ENERGY! If you think you can live without the physical sensation of your phone altering you to getting a new like on Instagram, then you can save a lot of battery power by turning this feature off.

Put Your Phone in Airplane Mode

You don’t have to be flying to use Airplane Mode! Turning this feature on will effectively turn your phone into a tiny computer that isn’t connected to a cellular network, wifi, Bluetooth and GPS location services. Great for if you’re sleeping, working or if you don’t want to be a slave to your phone!


There you have it, folks. 11 tips on how to save yourself from a premature cell phone battery replacement. Of course, if your smartphone or tablet’s battery has run its course, feel free to stop by our lovely boutique repair shop at 245 W Broadway or contact us at 604-700-6049 to inquire about having us replace your battery at your location. Our cell phone battery replacements are some of our most reasonably-priced repairs we offer (as low as $50) and they all come with a one-year warranty. Woohoo!

Google Bans Phone Repair?

For over eight years, the team of cell phone repair technicians at GoMobile have been pleasing Metro Vancouver customers with speedy and quality service, right to your doorstep. But, aside from our outstanding unique service, how did we become so successful? The answer: visibility! We got into the repair game so early, that our business was the first company to start utilizing Google’s Adwords platform. It allowed our then tiny company to gain great visibility in the marketplace and grow our customer base. After years of advertising and thousands upon thousands of dollars spent on our ad campaign, you’d think Google would love our business, right? All the more confusing that Google has recently decided to ban all cell phone repair companies from advertising on their platform. Wow.
Google Ads

Why Did This Happen?

This unprecedented move to stifle third party cell phone repair shops in Vancouver and beyond has come without warning or notice. So what’s Google’s problem? Allegedly, they are cracking down on shifty smartphone repair shops that are claiming to use original parts when, in fact, they are using cheap aftermarket knockoffs. Although at first glance, this seems like a good thing to protect the public from being deceived from the bad apples of the world (pun intended), we can’t help but be a little suspicious knowing that Google makes and repairs their own phones.  What’s more, they even have partnerships with some of the bigger American franchises that won’t be affected as much by this move. Hmmmm…

We phoned Google to get some answers, but when we contacted them through every possible channel, we always ended up with a support representative in India who had little to no idea what was going on. The worst part is, despite our frustration with our ads not running without a proper explanation, we were still getting billed for using the service! Call us crazy, but this feels an awful lot like they are trying to intentionally squeeze out the smaller, homegrown businesses like our own.

What Does This Mean for GoMobile?

When you search for a cell phone repair on Google, typically you would type something in like “iPhone repair Vancouver” or “Samsung Galaxy screen repair”. Although doing so now will still garner natural unpaid results, you will notice there are no advertisement links pinned to the top of the screen. Thankfully, our burgeoning business has been around for a number years and has garnered a huge cult following of dedicated customers. We’ve also naturally risen to the top of Googles organic search results from having a great webpage and awesome customers who visit us, just like you! Thanks to your support, our business remains as strong as ever.

The Search is Over!

Google has a valid concern: make sure you understand the quality of the parts being installed into your phone. Generally speaking, poorly-rated repair shops or ones with insanely cheap repairs are the ones to avoid. With GoMobile, we are open and honest about the (high) quality of parts that we use and our reviews speak for themselves. And let’s be real, our prices are great too!

A huge shout out to our loyal, educated customer-base who makes a conscious decision to support small business. We couldn’t do it without you! We look forward to continuing to find creative new ways to advertise our mobile delivery repair service and bring high-quality iPhone and Android repairs to all those in need. We’re glad you found us.


Whoa. 60+ New Phone Repairs!

For nearly eight years, we’ve helped tens of thousands of people fix their iPhones, Samsung Galaxies and other flagship smartphones. But what if you have an entry level device or something a little more niche? GoMobile is excited to unveil the expansion of our repair repertoire so now, you too, can get your favourite cell phone repaired at Vancouver’s greatest cell phone repair shop!

Whoa. I know Kung-Fu!

OK, maybe we didn’t learn Kung-Fu overnight like Keanu, but we did double the amount of devices that we can now service! Which smartphones have we tapped into the Matrix for? Well, some of these include older legacy smartphones like the LG G2 while others are lesser-known models like the Samsung A5 from 2015. But we are even more proud to introduce two new brand names that are quickly gaining popularity: Huawei and Asus! Got a Huawei P20 with a broken screen? We can fix that now! How about an Asus Zenfone 3 with dead display? We can do that too!

What’s even more exciting, is that we are now also able to offer newer models, more quickly than ever before. With a quick access to a large breadth of parts, we can typically get your phone fixed within 24 hours even if we don’t have the parts in stock. So if your brand new Google Pixel XL 2 had a little mishap this weekend, we got your back!

A Fully Armed and Operational Repair Station

So what’s new at GoMobile? Check out our HUGE list of 60+ new repair offerings:

  • iPhone X
  • iPad Mini 4
  • Samsung Galaxy A8
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 2017
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 2016
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 2015
  • Samsung Galaxy A3 2017
  • Samsung Galaxy Alpha
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime
  • Samsung Galaxy J1
  • Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace
  • Samsung Galaxy J1 2016
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 2016
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 2017
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Active
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Active
  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Samsung Galaxy S9+
  • Google Pixel XL 2
  • Google Pixel 2
  • LG G2
  • LG G6
  • LG G Flex
  • LG K4 2016
  • LG K4 2017
  • LG Q6
  • LG Stylo
  • LG Stylo 2
  • LG Stylo 2 Plus
  • LG V20
  • LG V30
  • LG X Power
  • LG X Power 2
  • Asus Selfie
  • Asus Zenfone 2 Laser 550KL
  • Asus Zenfone 2 Laser 551KL
  • Asus Zenfone 2 Z00AD
  • Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML
  • Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe
  • Asus Zenfone 3 Laser
  • Asus Zenfone 3 Max
  • Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom
  • Asus Zenfone 4
  • Asus Zenfone 5
  • Huawei Mate 7
  • Huawei Mate 8
  • Huawei Mate 9
  • Huawei Nova 2 Plus
  • Huawei Nova Plus
  • Huawei P9
  • Huawei P9 Lite
  • Huawei P9 Plus
  • Huawei P10
  • Huawei P10 Lite
  • Huawei P10 Plus
  • Huawei P20
  • Huawei P20 Lite
New Repairs at Low Prices

To kick off the unveiling of our expansion, GoMobile is offer $10 off all new repairs for September 2018. The discount ends in one month so come and get your fix at these low prices while you still can! The end of summer doesn’t seems so bad after all, eh?


Cheap Phone Repairs: Worth the Risk?

You Get What You Pay For

Nobody wants to pay an arm and a leg to fix their smartphone, so it makes sense to do a little shopping around before you choose the cell repair company that is right for you. GoMobile has great reviews from real customers and offers extremely competitive pricing for all repairs (that’s probably why you’re here!). But what about that “other guy” who has mysteriously low prices?

When you’re going out to eat, its always extremely satisfying to find a great meal at a low price. But when get your phone fixed on the cheap, you might not realize that you’re always getting what you bargained for. A cheap fix can mean cheap parts, a lack of warranty, rushed repairs and inexperienced technicians.

Not All Parts Are Created Equal

Phone parts cost money. Whether you are talking about a large franchise chain or a small mom-and-pop shop, every repair center needs a supply of parts. We have been proudly serving Metro Vancouver for over eight years and, in that time, we’ve seen our share of suppliers. Cheap ones, expensive ones…ones with bad parts and great ones. One of our biggest assets is having a supply chain that comes from a place of testing and research. We’ve found the good sources, so you don’t’ have to worry about a thing!

The myriad of parts that make up your phone can often come from many different places. Apple, for example, has been known to make its display screens across three different manufactures for the same model of iPhone. Have you ever seen two original iPhones that have slightly different display hues and tints? Now you know!

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer parts are rarely poor quality. But did you know there is also a HUGE market of cheap aftermarket parts in the cell phone repair marketplace? You might be surprised at just how many Vancouver phone repair shops offer these cheap knock-offs and sell them as the real thing. It also helps explain why places like Crystal Mall and shady Craigslist offerings can sometimes see phone repairs at way below regular prices. They use the cheapest of the cheap! It may work for a while…but how long until it breaks again?

Half the Time, Twice the Missing Screws

Often, we will get a device from a client that previously had their phone or tablet fixed at a competing shop. It is EXTREMELY rare that when we open one of these unfortunate devices, that we find the original repair was done well. Typically, screws are missing or loose and several of the small internal parts are mysteriously missing from the inside. We even had to retrain one of our latest staff members who came from another shop (which will remain unnamed) who told us that in order to fix the phones quickly at his last place of employment, they would leave out parts that “weren’t necessary to replace”. Yikes!

Quality Over Quantity

We have a philosophy at GoMobile Repair: use the best parts and do the job right the first time! We only use the best parts available and our technicians are both skilled and knowledgeable. We typically offer a two-hour window in our shop for repairs and around 30 minutes if at your location. Never will we try to rush your repairs in an impossible time-frame and risk damaging your device.

Don’t forget: we also offer an industry-leading one-year warranty! Good luck trying to make a claim with the “other guys”. Read the fine print (and the reviews)!

Backup and Restore with iTunes!

You have an iPhone but you’ve never used iTunes. Do you need it? Maybe you don’t even know what iTunes is! In this article, we will discuss how you can use Apple’s free software to backup, update and wipe your device. Strap in for some iPhone Basics 101! Let’s sharpen those pencils…

If you’re the proud owner of an iPhone, iPod or iPad, you should have iTunes installed on your home computer or laptop. Why is this necessary? Without iTunes, you don’t have access to many of the functions of your cell phone or tablet. Using your iPhone without iTunes is kinda like wearing your shoes without socks. What’s more, iTunes is free software that you can find at with a quick and easy registration process. Once iTunes is safely installed on your computer, we’re ready to explore the must-have functionality of backing your device up to a computer and removing/restoring your data.

When you first plug your Apple device into your computer with iTunes open, you need to look for an easy-to-miss icon that will appear. Clicking on this icon will open up the options for your iThing to communicate with your computer. Check out the image below for where to find the icon! Please note, the icon may look slightly different if you have an iPad plugged in or if you are running a different version of iTunes (here, we are running version 12.8).

Now that we have clicked on this icon, we have a few basic options to choose from in the main window. Theses options are: Check for Update, Restore iPhone (or iPad or iPod), Back up Now, and Restore Backup. Let’s look at each of these options in detail:

Check for Update

Keeping your iOS (the operating system that runs your Apple product) up to date is important for a number of reasons! Click this button to see if you need to update your phone. A download will need to occur before your device can be updated. Typically takes 10-20 minutes.


Restore iPhone

Restoring your iPhone will wipe all data from your device and restore it back to factory settings. This option is great if your device is starting to slow down, if you are selling your phone or if you had a new battery installed recently. Restoring your device will let your phone understand that a new battery has been installed and this step may be necessary to ensure you iPhone is acting properly after our repair. Restoring your phone in this manner will also give you the opportunity to back up your device before the procedure begins.


Back Up Now

As advertised, this option backs up your device! On the left hand side (see the smaller red circle in the image), you have the option of backing up to your computer or to the iCloud, which is an online data storage option. We prefer to do both – it never hurts be be extra certain you have all of your data saved in two places!


Restore Backup

This option allows you to restore your data back onto your device after wiping it. You may also need this function if you have purchased a new/used device and are looking to transfer your information onto your new gadget.
That’s it! Easy, right? Don’t forget, we have a great sale for nearly all of our iPhone battery replacements for the entire year of 2018. Now you can get your repair, wipe your device and backup/restore your data without breaking a sweat. Pop into GoMobile Repair at our Vancouver location for a quick fix or book your iPhone repair at your place by calling us at 604-700-6049.

Titanium Armour+ Screen Protection

You dropped your precious smartphone and the screen cracked – great. At least you know you can trust GoMobile Repair Vancouver to come to the rescue to fix your cell. But did you know that we can also help you protect your device AND offer insurance against further damage to your glass touchscreen?

Is Your Phone Carrier Ripping You Off?
Every day, we see customers walk into our store with a broken phone (hey, that’s why we exist!). But the real tragedy is that often their phone carriers have offered them insurance “deals” for their phones that fell flat on their face upon making a claim. In order to qualify for these bogus warranty programs, customers generally get slapped with a huge deductible ($200 is the norm) and to top it off, they typically have to pay upwards of $15/month to their service provider in order to qualify for the extended warranty in the first place! And to make matters worse, the phones often have to be sent away for repairs and the paying customer is then left without their device for weeks! Sound familiar?

We heard enough of this nonsense and we decided to see if we could find a better alternative for our clientele…and one that doesn’t leave them in the lurch when their phone breaks!

Introducing Slick Gadget Liquid Screen Protection
GoMobile Repair Vancouver is proud to offer you our findings: a liquid glass screen protector that not only hardens the glass on your shiny new (or old!) smartphone but also includes insurance for further screen damage for an entire year! Sound too good to be true? Keep reading – it gets even better!

Let’s take a quick look at some of the features of this new miracle product.

+ Easy application only takes 5 minutes with a DIY rub-on application.
+ Strengthens the glass on your smartphone up to fifteen times.
+ Can be applied to any screen, regardless of shape, size, make or model.
+ Includes 1-Year warranty from WarrantyLife.
+ Prior repairs via third-party repair shops do NOT void your warranty.
+ Quick registration can be quickly completed on your device in minutes.
+ If you break your phone with the Titanium Armour+ applied, bring your device to us for a quick and FREE repair*

So How Does This Work?
Unlike other manufacturers, Slick Gadget has teamed up with Warranty Life to make a 2-in-1 product that protects AND insures your device in one easy step. The product applies quickly and easily to your phone’s glass digitizer. By chemically bonding with the glass of your cell phone, the Titanium Armour+ makes your phone’s screen harder than ever (move over Viagra)! A simple registration process that you can complete yourself with the Warranty Life app found on Google Play or the Apple App Store couldn’t be easier. Once registered, this liquid screen protector gives you the peace of mind that, should you break your screen again, we’ll fix it for you in-store for no extra charge!*

We are currently offering two flavours of this revolutionary new product: The first covers you to up to $100 for a repair of the screen on your phone – this option retails at only $39.99! The other option has unlimited value towards the cost of the repair to your damaged screen (Samsung Galaxy owners, we’re looking at you!) and is only a meager $79.99. Considering most liquid or glass screen protectors are $25-30 without insurance options, you’re really only paying an extra $10-40 to rest easy with one year with of coverage. Plus, factor in the insane cost of some screen replacements out there and you could literally be saving yourself hundreds of dollars on your next “whoopsie” moment.

The best part is, if you do have the misfortune to break your device with the Slick Gadget Titanium Armor+ applied, you don’t have to be without your phone for weeks on end. Simply come into our shop and we’ll fix it up for you lickety-split with no deductible to pay out.

Come into our botique storefront at 245 W Broadway Vancouver today to get your slick gadget protected with the Slick Gadget Titanium Armour+!

*The Not-So-Fine Print
Warranty Life requires that your smartphone not be broken before this product is applied. Registration must be completed within 30 days of purchase. Repair turnaround in our storefront, although typically very quick (within 2 hours or less), is subject to busy periods and henceforth longer wait times. Furthermore, if your phone is not common like the Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, we may need to special order the part before we can fix your device. We advise phoning us in advance to ensure a quicker turnaround. Please ask our staff whether the $100 coverage or unlimited coverage option works best for your phone. Additional charges may be applied if the damage is not limited to just the glass and/or display or if you have purchased the $100 coverage but have a device that requires a more expensive repair.


Is the iPhone X Dead?

If you’re an iPhone X owner, you may have noticed that repairs are expensive and hard to come by. The high-tech OLED display and face-scanning features may be neat, but they most likely hurt your pocketbook more than they helped your day-to-day life! After hearing reports that Apple’s latest and greatest wasn’t selling that well (not to mention, the grumblings of sticker-shock from customers who have seen the repair price tag), we did a little digging into the situation and we were a little surprised by the results…

What the Rumour Mill is Saying
There are analyst reports saying that Apple will stop making the iPhone X this summer when the second-generation launches later this year. The last time this happened was to the ill-fated iPhone 5C! According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple would rather stopping manufacturing the iPhone X than lower its price, which could hurt the sale of the newer device.

Direct from the horse’s mouth, Kuo is quoted by MacRumors to say:

“Lowering iPhone X’s price after the 2018 models launch would be a negative to product brand value given 3D-sensing and OLED display are features of the new high-price model. Additionally, to sell the iPhone X at a lower price may have a negative impact on shipments of the new 6.1″ LCD iPhone in 2018. Thus, we estimate iPhone X will reach end-of-life (EOL) around the middle of 2018.”

Analyst Neil Campling, co-head of the global thematic group focusing on technology at Mirabaud Securities, offers oversupply of inventory by Apple’s chip manufacturer, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) and the price of the iPhone X (and repair costs!) as other hints to the killing of the iPhone X.

As expected, there is no date nor any official word from Apple.

In Other Words
If you were hoping to get your iPhone X repair (or just the cell phone itself) at a cheaper price once the next model came out, you might be out of luck. Because of the cost of production, it looks like the first-gen iPhone X wouldn’t actually be that much cheaper to buy than the second-gen, if cheaper at all. We would definitely argue that if this is true, the parts won’t be that much less expensive either.

Don’t Panic
Look, your first-gen iPhone X might become “obsolete” but every piece of technology eventually does (RIP Blackberry Pearl). And let’s be real, your iPhone X is probably just fine and by the time you want to upgrade your phone, the next version of iPhone will have surpassed it anyhow. In any case, we can help you keep your iPhone X protected with cases, screen guards and even have insurance options for if you do break your phone! And if the price does drop on repairs, we’ll be the first to let you know! Here’s hoping the next iPhone doesn’t suffer from the same prices (and crisis!) as the current model.

Own an iPhone X? Need it repaired or want to switch it out if the rumours are true? Perhaps you just want to protect the one you have with a bulletproof case or screen guard? Drop by GoMobile repair and let’s chat.

Save Money! Buy a Certified Used Phone

Need a new phone but can’t wait until your contract is up? Is your cell busted beyond repair but you can’t afford a brand-spanking new replacement? Don’t want to lose your sweet deal with your phone carrier? There are many reasons why upgrading your device might be stressing you out!

But consider this: buying a certified pre-owned phone from GoMobile is just about as good as a shiny new one. And it’s way cheaper!

Advantage of Buying a Pre-owned Device

Not stuck in a contract

For most people, the cost of buying the phone outright is just too much money. You might get a free or low price upgrade to your cell but you have to wait until your 2-year contract is up. If you’re planning to move away or want to keep your options open, this may not be ideal for you. Buying a used phone is a terrific way to upgrade your smartphone with a smaller price tag and no strings attached.

Cheaper than new

Smartphones are about the only technology we can think of that keeps getting MORE expensive over the years. The brand new iPhone X is over $1500 if you buy it outright! And that’s just the entry-level version. When you buy a pre-owned device through us, you’re savinging hundreds of dollars by buying last year’s model. Many of our devices are in mint condition and with our 6-month warranty on your new-to-you purchase, it’s almost like getting a brand new phone at half the price!

Reusing usable electronics

Electronic waste is a growing issue. We’re producing more e-waste than ever before and it’s hurting the environment. With phone cycles lasting only about three years tops with today’s fast-paced technology development, people are disposing of old smartphones at a rapid rate. Buying these used cell phones allows you to do your part in helping keep our world green and keeping electronics out of our landfills and oceans.

Why Buy with GoMobile?

Because we’re the best, duh!

Seriously, though, we are proud of the used and refurbished mobile devices we offer. Every pre-owned device we sell is tested, unlocked, and guaranteed against hardware defects and software locks for six months. That’s double the warranty from most of our competitors, including the Apple store.

GoMobile has a wide range of used cell phones and mobile devices. With new stock every week, we carry all your faves and sometimes hard-to-find devices:

  • Apple iPhones &iPads
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Google Pixel
  • Nexus 6P and Nexus 5
  • OnePlus
  • And, yes, even Blackberry

Avoid the scary questionable Craigslist buy, drop by our shop and see what we have in-store. Mention this blog post and you’ll get $20 off any regular-priced device over $298 (in-store offer only). Then use that $20 to celebrate how smart you are for buying a pre-owned, world-saving phone.

OnePlus – A Brief History

At GoMobile Repair, we fix just about anything. iPhone screen cracked? We got you. Android boot looping like mad? No problem. That super cool OnePlus cell phone you ordered online? We cover that, too!

OnePlus started in 2013 in China with the goal to design a smartphone that would balance high-end quality with a lower price. They were so certain that they could deliver that they started aggressively advertising their device before it was even out. Even bolder, they compared it directly to seasoned companies like Samsung and Apple. They had wild (and controversial) contests to win a phone. You had to be invited to purchase a phone, you couldn’t just go in and buy it. OnePlus was creating mad hype around their not-yet-released phone.

OnePlus’ first product, the OnePlus One, or the “Flagship Killer”, was released in 2014 and shocked everyone when they were able to deliver on their bravado. Reviews were coming in and while it wasn’t a perfect device, they proved themselves to be a contender to the usual heavyweights. And at a fraction of the cost – the OnePlus was priced at $299 USD and $349 USD for the 16 GB and 64 GB models.

Now, if you’re thinking this company is too good to be true, you’re right in some sense. Aside from the contest controversy, they have not been without their hiccups. Customers claimed that getting through to customer service was a nightmare and there have been other claims that warranties were not being honoured. It’s fair to say that they’re still working some kinks out.

They’re motto is “Never Settle” and they’re all set to release a eighth version of their phone, the OnePlus 6 on May 16, 2018. Unfortunately, this phone, like all OnePlus devices, aren’t available in store. Yet. But it looks like enough of you have been able to get your hands on them because we’ve been repairing them like crazy!

Repairs! That leads us to another strong advantage of the OnePlus phones. Because they’re inexpensive, they’re also cheaper to repair than most Android and some iPhones. In fact, most repairs at GoMobile for the OnePlus are $99-$125. So, if you’ve managed to get your hands on one of these sought after devices, bookmark this page should you ever need a date with a repair shop. We can be your plus one!