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GoMobile Recycling & Rebate Program

When you walk through the doors of our humble Vancouver cell phone repair shop, you will instantly recognize we’re not your regular tech company. A lush moss wall serves as a backdrop to our selection of products; reclaimed wood wraps throughout the interior; plants playfully dance from the ceiling and burst through a picture frame. No, this isn’t a spa! You’ve just walked into the greenest phone repair shop in the city.

go green wall with phones

Our green interior reflects our green attitude towards the environment. We buy and sell previously-owned mobile devices, keeping electronic waste out of landfills. We built our business on the public transit system, helping keep pollution out of the air. We even refurbish your broken LCD screens, in your pocket? Allow me to explain!

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Fast and Affordable iPhone Battery Replacement

Whatever you think of Apple’s message about iPhone batteries and performance, the fact remains that if you have an older iPhone, you’re going to be suffering some serious battery drain.

For the whole of 2018, GoMobile is offering what we think (ahem, we know) is the best iPhone battery replacement deal in Vancouver.

smartphone charging

We’re price matching Apple’s $35 iPhone battery replacement that also comes with some pretty sweet perks. For one, you don’t have to battle the crowds at the Apple store. There’s no appointment needed or having to wander around looking for a salesperson at our storefront location. We also have a proven battery replacement time of 1 hour of less. Can’t make it into our store? No problem. We can come to you. We’re also use original OEM batteries with a 6 month warranty. With Apple, you’re only getting half that warranty at 3 months.

Told you they were sweet perks.

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Our Origin Story: Part One – Broken to Pieces


Fixing somebody’s smartphone in their home can be a very intimate setting. In this relaxed environment, my clients often feel comfortable enough to start discussing my career choice. “Did you go to school to learn how to fix iPhones?”, is a question I get often. The good thing about getting the same question again and again is you can formulate the perfect answer: “Yes, I did go to school,” I say with a straight face. “I went to the U of Tube. It is a very exclusive club,” – it usually takes a few seconds before the joke sinks in and we share a laugh. Ok, so I like to have fun with my clients. Guilty as charged. And yes, I watched a lot of videos on YouTube - but what is the real story on how we came to be one of the most recognizable cell phone repair shops in Vancouver?

The year was 2010. The mild winter in Vancouver was beginning to thaw yet there I was: left out in the cold and unemployed. At the time, the economic recession hit the videogame industry pretty hard and companies were shutting down left, right and center. I found myself out of my career job as a 3D character artist – a tenure I had spent the past five years cultivating. There were few prospects left in my field but, despite all that, I was young, brimming with confidence and feeling invincible. Who wouldn’t want to hire somebody who used to make Nintendo games for a living?

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