Vancouver iPhone Repair

Metro Vancouver iPhone Repair

iPhone repairs are our specialty! We’ve been fixing iPhones longer than any other device so you know you can trust our talented team of technicians when it comes to your beloved smartphone. We can fix almost any issue you’re having with your cell at your home, office or café and, of course, you’re welcome to visit our Vancouver repair shop for a quick repair as well. We fix screens, offer battery replacements, motherboard repairs and we can even revive water damaged phones too. Let’s do this!

Due to recent advancements in the manufacturing process of iPhone screen replacement parts, our repairs have never been cheaper! If you have a broken glass panel, damaged display or a malfunctioning touchscreen on your Apple cell phone, most of these repairs now range from only $50-$99! Vancouver has never seen such cheap iPhone screen repairs in the history of smartphone repair. If you have an iPhone X or newer, there is a good chance your fancy new phone utilizes OLED technology for the display screen. While these repairs are significantly more expensive than the older LCD tech on older iPhones, our pricing is extremely competitive and always way cheaper (and quicker!) than going to the Apple Store. We encourage you to shop around and see for yourself!

Just because our prices are low, it doesn’t mean the quality is too. We only use the highest quality parts available and back all of our iPhone repairs with an industry-leading one-year warranty on all parts and labour. And unlike the competition, we don’t have any nasty hidden fine print that will see you turned away at the door when you make a warranty claim. GoMobile Repair is your one-stop shop for honest, reliable cell phone repair. Get your fix your way with us…today!