iPhone 4S Repair

iPhone 4S Repair

Get your iPhone 4S repairs at your location or at our Vancouver store. The first iPhone that uses Siri can be identified by the model numbers A1431 or A1387 on the glass back.


  • Glass Only

    Glass Only

  • LCD Display

    LCD Display

  • Charging Port

    Charging Port

  • Battery


  • Speakers


  • Home Button

    Home Button

  • Buttons


  • Water Damage

    Water Damage

  • Touch Screen

    Touch Screen

  • Headphone Jack

    Headphone Jack

  • Cameras


  • Microphones


  • Antennae


  • Mid-Frame


  • Back Glass

    Back Glass

  • Unknown


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iPhone 4S Glass Only Repair

Oh snap! Your iPhone is broken. But don’t worry – we can fix it! This repair includes the LCD display and the touch screen on your device. Visit us at our beautiful storefront location or have us come to you and fix it on-site, at your location. Trust your trusty iPhone with Vancouver’s trusted experts.

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iPhone 4S LCD Display Repair

Is the display screen on your iPhone 4S damaged? Believe it or not, this is totally repairable! With a new front screen replacement, we’ll have your trusty old device back in action in no time. Call 604-700-6049 for on-site repairs or come to our shop for a quick turnaround.

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iPhone 4S Charging Port Repair

If you plug in your cable and nothing happens, you just might need a new charging port assembly. This repair only takes about 15 minutes and can be done at our location or at yours! Call in or come on by and we’ll get you and your phone recharged and ready to rock.

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iPhone 4S Battery Repair

iPhone 4S battery replacements are a repair we’ve been performing for more than seven years now! Trust the experts at GoMobile repair with your trusty iPhone battery repair. You can call us at 604-700-6049 to book an appointment at your location or just come to our shop for a quick fix.

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iPhone 4S Speakers Repair

Does your loud speaker stay quiet? Is your ear speaker teasing you with an inaudible whisper? Then perhaps you need an iPhone speaker repair! Simply call our trusted techies at 604-700-6049 to book at your place or come to our sweet little store at 245 W Broadway.

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iPhone 4S Home Button Repair

That big juicy round button at the bottom of your iPhone isn’t so sweet when it doesn’t work. Thankfully, we have the cure! A home flex cable replacement will get your device working like new again. Call us to book an appointment or just come on by our shop at 245 W Broadway, Vancouver.

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iPhone 4S Buttons Repair

If any of the physical buttons or switches are broken on your precious iPhone, they can be cleaned and replaced if needed. To get your fix, just call us at 604-700-6049 or come by our storefront location. We promise, we won’t push your buttons!

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iPhone 4S Water Damage Repair

If your phone got wet, don’t lose hope! Water-damaged iPhones can be saved more often than you think. Turn off your device and bring it into our shop for a full diagnostic. If it can be fixed, the GoMobile team can get ‘er done! Price varies depending on which components need replacing.

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iPhone 4S Touch Screen Repair

If your screen has dead spots or ghost-touching, you need a new digitizer. This repair is the same as the glass screen replacement and also includes the display at no extra cost. Call us to come to you or come on by if you need the exercise. We look forward to seeing you!

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iPhone 4S Headphone Jack Repair

If you don't hear sound through your headphones or if they don't fit into your headphone jack, you may need this repair. Get your fix at our storefront or have us come directly to you to fix your phone on site. You'll be cranking the music up to 11 in no time!

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iPhone 4S Cameras Repair

Oh noooo - your camera isn’t working properly. If your camera app doesn’t open the shutter or if you see little spots on the screen, you may need this repair. Come on by our shop at 245 W Broadway or call 604-700-6049 to book an appointment. Yes – we can come to you!

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iPhone 4S Microphones Repair

Mic check, one-two, one-two. If people can’t hear you on a telephone conversation (do people still have those?), then you might need a new microphone. Come on by our storefront location or simply call 604-700-6049 and we’ll come to your joint and plug in that mic! Let’s rock.

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iPhone 4S Antennae Repair

There are a few different antennae in your device that control wifi signals, cellular reception and Bluetooth. If you’re having troubles with your phone, this is the repair you need! We recommend calling us for this fix to discuss your symptoms. Give us a ring at 604-700-6049.

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iPhone 4S Mid-Frame Repair

Ding-dong, your frame is dead. Or maybe really bent. We can replace the entire frame on your device for a price. Just give us a ring at 604-700-6049 or pop by our boutique storefront at 245 W Broadway Vancouver. We’ll get you and your phone straightened out!

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iPhone 4S Back Glass Repair

Is the back of your phone feeling shattered? Don’t worry little buddy! We can fix that. For the best price, we recommend visiting our store at 245 W Broadway as our minimum delivery charge is $50. Save yourself a few hundred pennies and come on by!

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Is your iPhone 4S malfunctioning in a strange way that isn’t listed here? GoMobile is on the case! Call us at 604-700-6049 to speak with our knowledge staff or simply pop into our conveniently located store at 245 W Broadway Vancouver. Let’s solve this mystery!

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