iPhone 5 Repair

iPhone 5 Repair

Trust Vancouver's iPhone 5 repair experts! Get your fix at our shop or at your location. Find the model number on the back of the device: A1428, A1429, or A1442.


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    Glass Only

  • LCD Display

    LCD Display

  • Charging Port

    Charging Port

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    Home Button

  • Buttons


  • Water Damage

    Water Damage

  • Touch Screen

    Touch Screen

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    Headphone Jack

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  • Back Frame

    Back Frame

  • Camera Glass

    Camera Glass

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iPhone 5 Glass Only Repair

Has the glass cracked on your iPhone 5? Don’t fall to pieces – we’re here to help! This repair takes roughly 15 minutes and also includes the touch screen and LCD display at no extra charge. Get your repair done at your location or at our lovely Vancouver repair center. Let’s do this!


iPhone 5 LCD Display Repair

Your phone has no image or the LCD display is damaged in some way. You might think the situation is dire but, most likely, a simple screen replacement will fix it right up. This repair includes the glass and touch screen and can be performed at our location or at yours. Woot!

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iPhone 5 Charging Port Repair

If your Lightning cable doesn't fit or charge your iPhone 5, you may need to have the charging port replaced. A simple repair can get your phone juiced up and ready for use once again. Get your fix at our storefront or have us come directly to you to facilitate the repair at your location!


iPhone 5 Battery Repair

Your battery life is at its end but you can make your iPhone new again with a battery replacement. We’ve reduced prices on this repair so now you can get your iPhone 5 up and running again like it was 2013. Get your fix at our boutique storefront or call 604-700-6049 to have us come to you!

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iPhone 5 Speakers Repair

Why won’t you speak to me, Siri??? If your iPhone is giving you the silent treatment you may need a new loudspeaker or ear speaker. In either case, we charge $50 and can perform this repair at your location or at ours. Call 604-700-6049 to book your repair today!

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iPhone 5 Home Button Repair

If the round home button at the bottom of your iPhone screen isn’t working, we can replace the cables inside the device and get you clicking away happily once more. Simply call our expert team of technicians at 604-700-6049 and we’ll book a repair at your location or guide you to ours.

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iPhone 5 Buttons Repair

If your power, volume or mute buttons/toggles aren’t working as desired, you may need this repair. We can perform this tricky procedure at your location or at ours in about an hour. Give us a call or simply pop into our shop and we’ll get to work on your phone. Nice!

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iPhone 5 Water Damage Repair

If you’re reading this, your iPhone must’ve gone for a swim. The best thing to do is to turn off the device, if possible, and bring it into our shop right away for repairs. We can disassemble the phone, dry it out and replace any components that have been water damaged. Price varies.


iPhone 5 Touch Screen Repair

Touching the screen on your iPhone doesn’t work? No problem! Just give us a call at 604-700-6049 or pop by our shop at 245 W Broadway Vancouver and we can fix this issue with a simple screen replacement in most cases. We look forward to you….getting in touch! Hoo boy.

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iPhone 5 Headphone Jack Repair

If you can’t hear the music in your headphones, you might need your iPhone 5 headphone jack replaced. This repair is part of an assembly that includes the charging port, bottom mic and connections to the home button. Get your fix at our location or at yours!

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iPhone 5 Camera Repair

Can’t take a picture with your iPhone 5? Or perhaps you see little flecks on the image? If so, there’s a good chance you need to replace the camera. Whether it is the rear camera or the selfie cam, we can quickly fix this at our shop or at your place for $60. Easy peasy!

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iPhone 5 Microphone Repair

This mic drop isn’t nearly as cool as some others you’ve heard of. When your microphone isn’t working on your iPhone, people won’t hear you on a phone conversation and/or videos can’t capture audio. We can perform this repair at your location or at our boutique storefront.

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iPhone 5 Antennae Repair

Do you have no bars or low bars on your cellular, wifi and/or Bluetooth connections? The iPhone doctors at GoMobile Repair can fix that! Just give us a ring at 604-700-6049 and we’ll help you diagnose your issue over the phone. Let’s get connected, already!

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iPhone 5 Back Frame Repair

The metal frame on the iPhone 5 isn’t invincible but fortunately, it can also be replaced if necessary. Typically, we like to perform this one at our shop at 245 W Broadway since it’s a bigger job than normal. It may not be easy, but we can get it done same day if you bring it in.

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iPhone 5 Camera Glass Repair

Eeep! Your camera glass cracked. But not to worry - we can replace it quickly and for a great price to boot. Get your fix at our storefront location or have us come to you and fix it on-site. You’ll be Instagramming your dinner again in to time! We got your back.

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Not Listed

Your iPhone 5 is acting up and you don’t see the repair listed here. GoMobile Repair is on the case! Please reach out to us at 604-700-6049 or email hello@gomobilerepair.ca to discuss your symptoms further. If it can be fixed, we’ll fix it! We got this.

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