iPhone 6 Repair

iPhone 6 Repair

Get your iPhone 6 repair at our Vancouver shop or sit tight and have us come to you! The model number on the back of the device should read A1549, A1586 or A1589.


  • Glass Only

    Glass Only

  • LCD Display

    LCD Display

  • Charging Port

    Charging Port

  • Battery


  • Speakers


  • Home/Touch ID

    Home/Touch ID

  • Buttons


  • Water Damage

    Water Damage

  • Touch Screen

    Touch Screen

  • Headphones


  • Camera


  • Microphone


  • Antennae


  • Back Frame

    Back Frame

  • Camera Glass

    Camera Glass

  • Not Listed

    Not Listed

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iPhone 6 Glass Only Repair

Feeling shattered? Don’t worry! You can get this iPhone 6 screen repair at a lower price if you broke only the glass. Choose from getting your repair done at your location or at our boutique Vancouver repair shop. This repair takes only 30 minutes or less at your location. Call us today!

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iPhone 6 LCD Display Repair

If your phone is still making sounds but you can’t see anything on the screen, you probably just need a new LCD screen. Whether your image is just slightly damaged or completely destroyed, this is the repair for you. We can perform this repair at your location or ours!

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iPhone 6 Charging Port Repair

You plugged in your phone but nothing happened! You just may need a charging port on your iPhone 6. This fairly common repair can be executed within about 30 minutes at your location or with a couple of hours at our shop where no appointment is needed.

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iPhone 6 Battery Repair

The iPhone 6 is no spring chicken! If you’re still rocking your original battery, it’s probably time to swap it out for a new one. We can give your iPhone new life with a battery replacement at your home, office or favourite café. And if you need the fresh air, come on by our shop for a quick fix.

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iPhone 6 Speakers Repair

Does your iPhone’s ear or loud speaker sound muffled or mute? You probably just need a new speaker! This quick fix can be performed at our Vancouver repair center or at your home, office or favourite café. The choice is yours with GoMobile Repair.

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iPhone 6 Home/Touch ID Repair

The home button on your iPhone 6 is an incredibly handy feature….when it’s working, that is! If your button is jammed or non-functional, we can replace it quickly and get you on your way. The Touch ID fingerprint sensor will no longer work after this repair, due to Apple’s security policies.

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iPhone 6 Buttons Repair

If the physical buttons on your iPhone are making you cry instead of making a satisfying clicking sound, wipe those tears away and get this repair done today! This repair can fix damaged power buttons, mute switches and your volume up and down keys all at once.

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iPhone 6 Water Damage Repair

You got your phone wet and now it’s not working. Ah poop. But not all hope is lost! Bring your phone in as soon as you can and we’ll see what we can do to revive it. We highly recommend turning off your phone as continued use can cause irreparable damage if there is still water inside the device.

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iPhone 6 Touch Screen Repair

Does your touch screen have a dead spot or not work at all? This can typically be fixed by replacing the digitizer screen. Call our trusted team of tinkerers at 604-700-6049 to book the repair at your space or come on by ours at 245 W Broadway Vancouver for a quick turnaround.

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iPhone 6 Headphones Repair

Need your iPhone 6 headphone jack replaced? No sweat! Our experienced repair technicians can perform this operation at your location in about 30 minutes by appointment or at our place within a couple of hours where you can just walk on in. Is that music to your ears?

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iPhone 6 Camera Repair

If your camera isn’t cooperating with you, you may need to have it replaced. We can perform this quick repair at your location or at ours. Just call 604-700-6049 to book an appointment or walk on into our store for a quick turnaround. Better start practicing that selfie face!

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iPhone 6 Microphone Repair

Testing, testing. Is this thing on? If people cannot hear you during a phone conversation or if you don’t hear any audio from a video that you recorded, you may need a new microphone. Technology doesn’t last forever but you can rest easy with our hassle-free, one-year warranty.

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iPhone 6 Antennae Repair

Is your iPhone having trouble connecting to the hivemind? If you are having difficulty with GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or even your cellular connections, we can assist! This is a fairly common issue on the iPhone 6 and we’ve had great success with repairs. Get your fix with GoMobile, today!

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iPhone 6 Back Frame Repair

The iPhone 6 was the perpetrator behind “Bendgate” – turns out the aluminum frames are a little on the weak side and can bend and dent fairly easily. This fix involves transplanting the entire contents of your phone into a new shell. Just think of your device like a high-tech hermit crab!

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iPhone 6 Camera Glass Repair

Did you shatter the glass cover in front of the rear-facing camera? Don’t fret! Just call 604-700-6049 to book a repair at your location or come on by our shop at 245 W Broadway for a speedy repair. You’ll be back on Instagram in no time! Let’s do this.

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Not Listed

Does your iPhone 6 need an exorcism? If your trusty smartphone is acting up but you don’t see the repair listed here or if you don’t know what has possessed your device, let us help you out. Call 604-700-6049 or swing on by our shop for further assistance. We ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

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