iPhone 6S Plus Repair

iPhone 6S Plus Repair

We provide quality iPhone 6S Plus repair service at your location or at our Vancouver repair center. Identify this device by the model number found on the back cover: A1634, A1687 or A1699.


  • Glass Only

    Glass Only

  • LCD Display

    LCD Display

  • Charging Port

    Charging Port

  • Battery


  • Speakers


  • Home/Touch ID

    Home/Touch ID

  • Buttons


  • Water Damage

    Water Damage

  • Touch Screen

    Touch Screen

  • Headphones


  • Camera


  • Microphone


  • Antennae


  • Back Frame

    Back Frame

  • Camera Glass

    Camera Glass

  • Not Listed

    Not Listed

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iPhone 6S Plus Glass Only Repair

Broken just the glass on your iPhone 6S Plus? We can offer this lower price if the touch screen and display are still working and if the device has never been water damaged or repaired before. Get your iPhone 6S screen repair done at your location or at our relaxing Vancouver repair center.

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iPhone 6S Plus LCD Display Repair

Has the LCD display screen on your iPhone reached the end of its days? We can give your trusty device a new lease on life with a brand-new screen. This repair only takes about 30 minutes at your location and typically we can have it repaired within a couple of hours at our shop.

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iPhone 6S Plus Charging Port Repair

A few years ago, Apple redesigned their charging port and unveiled the Lighting cable. A few years later, we find out the design isn’t exactly bulletproof. Doh! Get your charging port replaced at your location by calling 604-700-6049 or simply see us at our store for a quick repair.

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iPhone 6S Plus Battery Repair

The battery inside your iPhone 6S just ain’t what it used to be. But hold the phone! Not only can we replace it with a brand-new battery but we can even recycle your old one in an environmentally-friendly manner. And at only $60, it’s easy to feel good about your choices.

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iPhone 6S Plus Speakers Repair

Over time, dirt, debris and moisture can build up inside the openings to your ear speaker and loud speaker and cause them to become muffled or mute. We can open up your phone, clean out any blockages and replace any damaged speakers all for a great price. Nice!

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iPhone 6S Plus Home/Touch ID Repair

You tried to press the home button to activate Siri and ask her “where can I fix my iPhone 6S in Vancouver?”…but your home button isn’t working! Ooooh, the irony. Thankfully, you somehow found us anyway. Phew! Get your home button fixed at our location or at yours.

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iPhone 6S Plus Buttons Repair

All those buttons on the side of your iPhone are all connected to your logic board by a series of cables on the inside. So, whether your need the power button, volume keys or the mute switch repaired, we can fix them all with a replacement cable. Available at our shop only.

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iPhone 6S Plus Water Damage Repair

Although Apple experimented with a water-resistant seal on the iPhone 6S Plus, it wasn’t official. And your phone is officially water-damaged! Turn of the device if possible and come into our shop at 245 W Broadway and we’ll do everything in our power to revive your device.

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iPhone 6S Plus Touch Screen Repair

Touching the glass screen on your iPhone doesn’t always work? You most likely just need a digitizer replacement. Easy! This repair includes the glass screen and display for no extra charge. Get your fix wherever you are or at our relaxing storefront location.

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iPhone 6S Plus Headphones Repair

You plug in your headphones, pop them into your ears and hit Play. Nothing happens! Uh-oh. It just might be time to get your headphone jack replaced. The good news is that you’ve already found Vancouver’s go-to experts for headphone jack repair on iPhones! Nice work.

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iPhone 6S Plus Camera Repair

Can’t take a picture on your iPhone 6S Plus? Maybe you just see tiny spots all over your images when you do. In either event, our technicians can replace the front or rear camera inside your device and get you back snapping pictures in no time. Repair at your location or at ours!

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iPhone 6S Plus Microphone Repair

People can’t hear you during a phone call? You just might need your microphone replaced on your iPhone 6S Plus. Tip: put your phone on speakerphone to use the top mic until you can get it fixed. Have us repair your device at your location or at ours. Call us today!

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iPhone 6S Plus Antennae Repair

Are you getting low or no bars on your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS or cellular connectivity? Let us assist you! Our handsome staff will be happy to help if you give us a ring at 604-700-6049 or at our 245 W Broadway location in Vancouver. Let’s make a connection!

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iPhone 6S Plus Back Frame Repair

The bigger they are the harder they…bend? If your iPhone 6S Plus has a back frame that is anything less than perfectly straight and true, we can replace it with a brand new one. This difficult repair can be performed exclusively at our storefront location by special order only.

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iPhone 6S Plus Camera Glass Repair

If your huge iPhone has a huge crack across the back camera lens, we can replace it! Our tech-savvy team of technicians is fully-equipped to help you at your location or at ours. Just call 604-700-6049 to book a repair at your place or swing on by our shop.

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Not Listed

Your iPhone 6S Plus is glitching out but you can’t figure out why and you don’t see the repair listed here. Either call us at 604-700-6049 or come on in to our shop for an assessment. There’s no mystery we can’t solve! Hey, there’s a reason we’re so well liked.

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