iPhone 6S Repair

iPhone 6S Repair

Get your iPhone 6S repair at your location or at our lovely Vancouver shop today! The model number on the back of the device should read: A1633, A1688 or A1700.


  • Glass Only

    Glass Only

  • LCD Display

    LCD Display

  • Charging Port

    Charging Port

  • Battery


  • Speakers


  • Home/Touch ID

    Home/Touch ID

  • Buttons


  • Water Damage

    Water Damage

  • Touch Screen

    Touch Screen

  • Headphones


  • Camera


  • Microphone


  • Antennae


  • Back Frame

    Back Frame

  • Camera Glass

    Camera Glass

  • Not Listed

    Not Listed

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iPhone 6S Glass Only Repair

Doh! You broke your iPhone. Thankfully, you can get a discount if you broke just the glass and nothing else. Need the fresh air? Stroll down to our shop for a quick turnaround. Too busy? We’ll come to you! We can perform the iPhone 6S screen repair in 30 minutes at your location.

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iPhone 6S LCD Display Repair

If the vivid display screen on your iPhone 6S doesn’t look so vivid anymore, you may need it replaced. Give us a shout to book an appointment wherever you may be or feel free to visit us at our lovely repair shop for a quick turnaround. Get your fix, your way!

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iPhone 6S Charging Port Repair

The Lightning port on your iPhone is supposed to allow you to charge your phone lightning-fast. So how come it’s not charging at all? If you’re having trouble plugging in your cable or if it’s not recharging your battery, you may need this repair. GoMobile to the rescue!

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iPhone 6S Battery Repair

Your battery isn’t lasting nearly as long as you need it too…but, if you’ve made it this long without a replacement, you’ve had a good run! Give us a call to reserve a time where we can replace your battery at your location or just come into our shop for a quick turnaround.

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iPhone 6S Speakers Repair

Are you getting low or no sound coming out of your ear speaker or your loud speaker? If so, you may need a iPhone 6S speaker replacement. Thankfully, this repair is both affordable and quick. Call us to book an on-site appointment or come to us where no appointment is needed.

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iPhone 6S Home/Touch ID Repair

Did you know that when you press and hold the home button, you can activate Siri to ask her questions? Of course, if your home button is broken, it’s not going to work! We can quickly replace the home button on your iPhone 6S at your location or at ours. Get ‘er fixed up today!

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iPhone 6S Buttons Repair

The power, volume and mute buttons on the side of your iPhone are all connected with the same ribbon cable inside your device. So whether your are having issues one button or multiple, we can fix them all simultaneously for the same price. A sweet deal, indeed!

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iPhone 6S Water Damage Repair

The iPhone 6S was secretly a testbed for water-resistance before they made it official a year later. Having said that, it’s not waterPROOF. If you got your phone wet and it’s no longer functioning properly, rush it into our shop for some CPR (cell phone repair). Medic!

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iPhone 6S Touch Screen Repair

If your touch isn’t activating the touchscreen or if the 3D touch functionality isn’t working properly, you may need a digitizer replacement. We have been performing this repair for years and can confidently fix your iPhone at your location or at our boutique storefront in Vancouver.

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iPhone 6S Headphones Repair

Have your headphones turned into earmuffs? If you can’t hear any sound coming out of your headphones and you’ve tested out more than one set, you may need this repair. Call 604-700-6049 to book a repair at your location or join us at our shop for some speedy service.

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iPhone 6S Camera Repair

It’s amazing how tiny the camera is inside your iPhone 6S. It’s less amazing that it isn’t working properly. If nothing happens when you open your camera app of if you’re seeing little spots on your pictures, you may need a camera replacement. We can fix this issue in a flash!

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iPhone 6S Microphone Repair

Microphone check, one-two, one-two! Hello? Is this thing on? If nobody can hear you speak on phone conversations or if there is no audio during video recordings, you may need a new mic in your iPhone. We can perform this repair at our storefront location or at your place!

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iPhone 6S Antennae Repair

Tinder isn’t the only place to make a connection with your iPhone. If you’re having trouble finding a signal for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS or cellular connectivity, we can assist! Just call 604-700-6049 to speak with our staff or come on by our shop at 245 W Broadway, for assistance.

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iPhone 6S Back Frame Repair

The stronger frame on the iPhone 6S is superior to that of its “Bendgate” predecessor. Unfortunately, it’s still not bulletproof. If you need your iPhone’s rear housing replaced, we can transfer the contents of your device into a new home. Available at our shop by special order only.

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iPhone 6S Camera Glass Repair

Sometimes we wonder if Apple designed the camera lens to stick out on purpose, just so it would break more often. If you find your camera lens has cracked, we can replace it in a jiffy! Just call 604-700-6049 to book your on-site repair or come on by to see us at our shop.

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Not Listed

There is something strange afoot inside your iPhone but you don’t know what’s going on or you don’t see the repair on our website. Call us at 604-700-6049 or come into our shop at 245 W Broadway and we’ll get to the bottom of this mystery.

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