iPhone 7 Plus Repair

iPhone 7 Plus Repair

We provide top-quality iPhone 7 Plus repair service anywhere in Metro Vancouver. Look for the model number A1661, A1784 or A1785 on the back cover to identify this device.


  • Glass Only

    Glass Only

  • LCD Display

    LCD Display

  • Charging Port

    Charging Port

  • Battery


  • Speakers


  • Home/Touch ID

    Home/Touch ID

  • Buttons


  • Water Damage

    Water Damage

  • TouchScreen


  • Camera


  • Microphone


  • Antennae


  • Back Frame

    Back Frame

  • Camera Glass

    Camera Glass

  • Not Listed

    Not Listed

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iPhone 7 Plus Glass Only Repair

The bigger they are the harder they fall! Thankfully, you can get your iPhone fixed for this cheaper price if you have shattered the glass but it looks like everything else is okay. Come on by our Vancouver cell repair shop or call us to book an appointment at your location. Get your fix, your way.

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iPhone 7 Plus LCD Display Repair

The display on your iPhone is discoloured, damaged or completely black. While it might not look pretty, this repair is no problem for our smartphone superheroes. Call 604-700-6049 to book a repair wherever you are or just swing on by our shop at 245 W Broadway Vancouver.

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iPhone 7 Plus Charging Port Repair

Something is jammed inside your Lightning charge port or maybe it’s just not working for no good reason. With a speedy replacement of this internal part for your iPhone 7 Plus, we can get your phone charged up and ready to face the world once again.

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iPhone 7 Plus Battery Repair

The iPhone 7 Plus has a big battery but the bigger they are, the harder they fall. If your battery is on its last legs, we can quickly replace the heart of your device and give it new life again. This repair is offered at your location or ours. The choice is yours!

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iPhone 7 Plus Speakers Repair

There are two main speakers on your iPhone 7 Plus: the ear speaker at the top of the device and the loudspeaker at the bottom. If either one isn’t working, we can replace them. If both aren’t working at the same time, you may have a charging port or motherboard issue (we can fix that too!).

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iPhone 7 Plus Home/Touch ID Repair

The home button on your iPhone isn’t working. What’s even more frustrating is that Apple has made the button very difficult to replace! Thankfully, we have figured out a workaround and its WAY cheaper than replacing your phone at the Apple store. Call 604-700-6049 for more details.

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iPhone 7 Plus Buttons Repair

Whether you need the volume buttons, the power button or the mute switch replaced on your iPhone 7 Plus, we got your back. The replacement of these parts is a little more involved than most so we request that you swing by our shop at 245 W Broadway to facilitate this repair.

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iPhone 7 Plus Water Damage Repair

These phones are water resistant…but unfortunately not water PROOF. If you have water-damaged your coveted iPhone 7 Plus, we suggest you turn off your phone, avoid the temptation to turn it on and rush it down to our Vancouver location for resuscitation. Medic!

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iPhone 7 Plus TouchScreen Repair

You might not understand the technology in your touchscreen that makes it work, but you do know that it isn’t working! Call 604-700-6049 to book a repair at your location or come to our Vancouver HQ for a speedy replacement (and perhaps a little education) on your touchscreen replacement.

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iPhone 7 Plus Camera Repair

The iPhone 7 Plus was the first of Apple’s smartphones to house the legendary dual-camera. It takes great pictures…but at a price. Literally! Although a quite a bit more expensive than its predecessors, it is still very replaceable. We can also replace the front camera for just $75.

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iPhone 7 Plus Microphone Repair

If the person on the other end can’t hear you when you speak into your iPhone’s bottom microphone, you may need this repair! Although a separate repair, we can also replace the top microphone for recording video for the same price. Get your fix, today!

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iPhone 7 Plus Antennae Repair

The modern day smartphone has a number of wireless signals that it uses on a daily basis. If you’re having trouble with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS or your cellular signal, we can help! Call us at 604-700-6049 to speak with our friendly staff about your connectivity issues.

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iPhone 7 Plus Back Frame Repair

That big ol’ frame on your iPhone 7 Plus has a big ol’ dent in it. Thankfully, we can replace the rear housing to make your phone new again! This is a big job that is offered only at our storefront location and by special order exclusively. Call 604-700-6049 to secure your part, today!

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iPhone 7 Plus Camera Glass Repair

The extra wide camera lens on the iPhone 7 Plus has a little more surface area than previous iPhones. Probably why it’s now broken – doh! The good news? We can replace it for the same low price as always. Call us for a repair at your location or come on by our shop.

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Not Listed

Your phablet isn’t acting so fabulous. In fact, you might not even know what is going on with your phone! Let us get to the bottom of this mystery – there’s no situation we haven’t seen. Bring your iPhone 7 Plus into our shop and we’ll put on our thinking caps. Hmmmm….

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