iPod Repair Vancouver

Metro Vancouver Ipod Repair

Is your iPod Touch broken? You’ve come to the right place! GoMobile Repair has been facilitating iPod Touch repairs for nearly a decade. Whether you need a screen replacement on your iPod Touch 4, a new headphone jack on your iPod Touch 5 or a battery replacement on your iPod Touch 6, we’ve got you covered. Select your iPod model above to see which repairs we can offer. Check out those competitive pricing options! Nice.

Due to the construction of these portable Apple music players, we prefer to provide our customers with iPod Touch repairs exclusively at our Vancouver repair shop at 245 W Broadway. Soldering is required for battery replacements, charging port repairs and a few other things as well. You probably don’t want us to set up a soldering workstation in your kitchen so just come on by our store and we’ll get your mini music player but up in action in no time!

Since iPods are basically just iPhones without the cellular capabilities, you may also consider investing in a used cell phone instead of fixing your aging iPod Touch. GoMobile Repair offers a bevy of lightly used smartphones that might even be cheaper than some iPod repairs. All of our used and refurbished phones for sale come with an industry-leading six-month warranty (that’s twice as long as the Apple Store!) and, unlike your iPod, have the added bonus of becoming a phone with the addition of a SIM card. All of our phones are factory unlocked so you’re free to pick your carrier of choice.

So whether you need your iPod Touch repaired or upgraded to an iPhone with all the bells and whistles, GoMobile has you covered. Come in for a visit today and get your fix! You’ll be hearing the sound of music again in no time.