Asus Phone Repair

Metro Vancouver Asus Phone Repair

The Asus Zenfone has been a surprisingly successful line of smartphones. They’re affordable and pack a powerful punch for the price. The bad news is that they still break. Doh! The good news is that we’ve got tons of experience in fixing these budget cell phones and have access to a local supply of parts. This means that we can typically get your Asus Zenfone repair completed within about 24 hours of your repair request. Sweet!

There are many different types of Zenfones so it is important to supply us with the model number of your cell when you contact us. Typically, this is written on the back on bottom of your phone and always found in the Settings of your device when you do a search for “model”. Zenfone screen repairs are on the cheaper side of cell phone repairs that we offer and typically range from $100-$120. Give us a call at 604-700-6049 today for a quote.

Please note, that due to the design of modern-day Androids, the Zenfone does require some extra time for repairs. The glass digitizer and display screen are glued to the frame which requires some special equipment to remove and replace and can only be done at our Vancouver location at 245 W Broadway. But as long as we have both your phone and the replacement part in our hands early enough, we can usually have your beloved Asus Zenfone repaired and back in your hands same day.

If you think it might be time to retire your phone, don’t forget GoMobile also sells lightly-used smartphones too! Check out our online list to see what we have available (updated every two weeks or so.). We might even consider taking your Zenfone in on trade or buying it for cash too. Cha-ching! Bring your phone in for an assessment.

So what are you waiting for? Give Vancouver’s trusted Asus Zenfone experts at GoMobile Repair a call today and find your Zen again!