LG Phone Repair

Metro Vancouver LG Phone Repair

Life’s Good when your smartphone is working…not so good when the glass screen has cracked into a million pieces! The good news? You’ve already found Vancouver’s top-rated LG phone repair experts! Sweet deal. GoMobile Repair has been fixing LG phones since 2013 and we haven’t looked back. We were quick to learn that people that buy LG phones, love LG phones. So of course when you have the misfortune of breaking your device, you’re going to want to fix it.

What’s our favourite thing about the LG phones? Well besides the slick take on Androids OS, the slightly-larger-than-normal display screens and their unique designs – the price! Not only are the phones relatively inexpensive compared to the other big players like Apple and Samsung, but the screen repair prices are on the low to average end. You won’t find any $300+ screen repairs here!

In addition to cheap screen replacements for that broken LG of yours, we can also offer to repair pretty much anything else that might go wrong on your cellphone. Button repairs, battery replacements, headphone jacks…you name it! There isn’t much we haven’t seen and there is even less that we can’t fix. GoMobile Repair is your go-to for LG repairs. Get your fix today!

Now if you’re thinking your old smartphone is time for retirement, don’t forget we also buy and sell used phones as well! We pay cash for your phone or you can use it towards trade-in value with our line of certified previously-owned devices. We almost always have an LG smartphone or two for sale. Check our used phone section for more details (updated bi-weekly) or pop on by our shop at 245 W Broadway, Vancouver. Even if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can often find your device of choice from one of our many sources.