Google LG Nexus 5

Google LG Nexus 5

We provide the best expert Google LG Nexus 5 repairs in Vancouver. Available in black, white and red, this device can be identified by its extra-large camera lens on the back.


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    LCD Display

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    Charging Port

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    Camera Glass

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    Water Damage

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    Touch Screen

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    Back Panel

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Google LG Nexus 5 Glass Repair

Ah nuts – your Nexus 5 took a spill and now there’s a nasty crack on the glass. But don’t sweat it because our team of trusted techs can perform the LG Nexus 5 screen repair at your location or at ours. Take your pick! Simply call 604-700-6049 to book a repair or take a stroll down to our Vancouver repair center.


Google LG Nexus 5 LCD Display Repair

If your display is damaged or blemished, this is the repair for you! We can fix up your Nexus 5 at your location or at our Vancouver repair center - the choice is yours! Get your fix with the city's most trusted repair technicians.

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Google LG Nexus 5 Charging Port Repair

If your USB charging port is gummed up, jammed, broken or not charging your Nexus 5 properly, this fix is for you! Take your pick from having us come to you or simply swing by our headquarters in Vancouver for a quick turnaround. We'll have you plugged back into the hive mind in no time!

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Google LG Nexus 5 Battery Repair

If your battery is dying quickly or if your phone isn't turning on at all, it might just be time to replace it. The good news is that battery replacements on the Nexus 5 are pretty cheap and painless! Choose to have the repair done at your location or ours. Get your fix today!

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Google LG Nexus 5 Speaker Repair

Helloooo??? If you can't hear anybody when you are talking on the phone with the device to your ear, you most likely need the ear speaker replaced. Get your Nexus 5 fixed at our Vancouver shop or relax and let us come to you. We got this!

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Google LG Nexus 5 Buttons Repair

Are you having trouble with your volume or power buttons? Pehaps your Nexus 5 has the dreaded bootloop issue? Relax - we got this! This job is offered exclusively at our storefront location due to some intricate soldering work. Come on in and get your fix!

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Google LG Nexus 5 Camera Glass Repair

Those Instagram photos don't get nearly as many likes when your camera glass is cracked. Thankfully, we can fix your phone up and get your social media life back on track. Get your fix at your location or at our Vancouver storefront. We got this!

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Google LG Nexus 5 Water Damage Repair

Did your Nexus go for a swim? Don't lose hope! There is still a chance we can resuscitate it back to life so avoid using it and bring it directly to our Vancouver storefront location at 245 W Broadway. Find a way to call us at 604-700-6049 if you have any questions and keep your fingers crossed!


Google LG Nexus 5 Touch Screen Repair

Your touch screen doesn't work properly! Frustrating isn't it? Thankfully, we can fix it by replacing the digitizer either at your location or at ours. Relax...we got this!

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Google LG Nexus 5 Headphones Repair

Did your headphone jack get jacked? We can help! Get your Nexus 5 repaired at our storefront or have us come directly to you, wherever you like! You'll be back dancing in the streets in no time.

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Google LG Nexus 5 Camera Repair

If you're having issues with your main camera or the selfie cam, it can usually be fixed by replacing the camera. Get your fix at our Vancouver shop or have us come to you. Say cheeeeeese!

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Google LG Nexus 5 Microphone Repair

If people are having trouble hearing you when you're making a call or if there is no sound during a video recording, you might need one of your microphones replaced. Get your fix at our location in Vancouver or have us come to your place. The choice is yours!

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Google LG Nexus 5 Antennae Repair

If you are having trouble with wifi, bluetooth or cellular signals, we open up your phone and get to the bottom of it! This service is offered exclusively at our beautiful storefront location. Visit us at 245 W Broadway in Vancouver.

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Google LG Nexus 5 Frame Repair

If your Nexus 5 frame is dinged, scratched or even severely bent, we can replace it to make your phone new again! This repair also includes the front glass, touch screen and display screen. Get your fix at our Vancouver shop or have us come to you - you'll be glad you did.

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Google LG Nexus 5 Back Panel Repair

We can replace the back of your Nexus 5 pretty darn quickly! We recommend coming to our shop in Vancouver for the cheapest price but we can come to you too! Getting another repair at the same time and knock $10 off the price. Nice.

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Not Listed

Is your Nexus 5 repair not listed here? Perhaps you're even sure what is wrong! No matter - we are more than happy to find out how to fix your phone. Please find a way to call 604-700-6049 or visit our shop. Let's get to the bottom of this.

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