OnePlus Phone Repair

Metro Vancouver OnePlus Phone Repair

The OnePlus line of smartphones came storming into the fray in 2014, being touted as the flagship killer. It wasn’t long after that GoMobile Repair became Vancouver’s number one choice to fix these sub-culture cell phones. Five years later, OnePlus is still our favourite Android phone for a number of reason. They pack a punch for a much lower price than their competition, they’re beautifully designed from the inside out and the repairs remain on the lower price range. Nice!

Like most Androids these days, the OnePlus phones have a glass screen/display that is glued to the frame. This means that it takes a little bit of extra time to both remove and reattach a replacement screen. As such, most OnePlus screen repairs take place at our Vancouver location and are not serviceable on the road. But because the parts are relatively expensive and also fairly popular, we typically have a healthy stock on hand which means you can still get same-day screen repairs when you bring your device in. Come on by and get your fix today!

Of course, broken glass screens aren’t the only thing that can happen to your beloved OnePlus. And it's not the only thing that we can fix! Other repairs such as battery replacements, headphone jack repair, charging port fixes and the like can be fixed quickly and on-location wherever you are. Give us a ring at 604-700-6049 to book an appointment at your place and save yourself the hike to our repair center. Most of these smaller repairs can be done within 30 minutes or less on-site.

If the cost of repair makes you think twice about fixing your phone, don’t forget we also buy and sell used phones! OnePlus smartphones are popular at our shop for repairs but even more so when it comes to selling them. They don’t last long on our shelves so we’re almost always very interested at taking your phone in on trade or for some good old-fashioned, cold-hard cash. Bring your device in today for an assessment and see what we have for sale. You can also check our online list of available devices, updated every two weeks or so.