Samsung Phone Repair

Metro Vancouver Samsung Phone Repair

When it comes to Androids, Samsung smartphones are king! With more Galaxy smartphones out there than any other cell phone, their popularity is unrivaled. But even though they are on top, they still break when they fall to the bottom. Darn, gravity! The most common repairs we see for these devices are cracked glass digitizers, broken OLED display screens, battery replacements and charging port repairs. Most Samsung repairs must take place at our Vancouver location due to the nature of the design of these sexy smartphones (those good looks come at a cost!) Come on in and get your Samsung Galaxy repair today!

Samsung cellphone screens include both the glass touchscreen digitizer and the OLED display together in one unit. So whether you broke the glass on your Galaxy or if the image has gone black or distorted, both of these repairs happen simultaneously (whether you need them both or not!). These screens use a sticky adhesive to attach them to the frame of your phone instead of using screws. This helps keep them watertight but also increases the time that we need to fix these devices. Some repairs can still happen at your location, but because we need the extra time to allow the glue to cure, we’ll need your phone for a few hours to complete your screen repairs. Please allow 2-4 hours for your Samsung smartphone repair when dropping off your device at our storefront location.

Due to the high cost of Samsung screens, we don’t carry a huge inventory of these parts (or any, in some cases). Thankfully, we have access to a local supplier who can rush the parts that you need to our shop in 24 hours or less. We recommend calling our operator at 604-700-6049 to check the availability of our replacement parts inventory – if we don’t have them in stock, we can make a special order just for you with a $50 deposit. If you would like your phone fixed in the same day as your payment, we recommend calling to pay your deposit before 1pm.

Don’t forget, we also buy and sell used Samsung Galaxy cell phones too! If you’re looking to upgrade or if you’d rather sell your old device or trade it in, simply come to our shop at 245 W Broadway to see what we can do for you. We can’t wait to see you!