Cheap iPhone Screen Repairs Are Back!

May 23rd, 2019 / Go Mobile Repair / 0 comments

Vancouver has never been a cheap city to live in but thankfully, we can help keep your wallet full with our drastically reduced iPhone screen replacement prices. Not too long ago, iPhone screen repairs averaged between $120-$200. Now, thanks to some incredible advancements in aftermarket technology, GoMobile is proud to announce most of our iPhone glass, touchscreen and display repairs all start at $99 or less!

iphone screen and coinsWe’ve been fixing iPhones since they came out and we’ve seen nothing but an increase in pricing for, not only the cell phones themselves, but the parts that make them up. A big reason for the price hike was that, starting with the iPhone 4 (remember when those were new?!), Apple decided to start combining the glass touch screen digitizer with the LCD display screen. The good news is that this meant that dust no longer got trapped in between the two layers (something that often happened, especially after repairs). The bad news is that overnight the cost of the parts were more than the cost of our usual repair prices. Yikes!

Since this time, all of the major players have followed suit. Samsung, LG, OnePlus and the rest all started producing these all-in-one screens with an expensive price tag. So why now is there a lower price for these screens? The answer is simple. Aftermarket technology has finally caught up with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality. Although we used to abhor even considering using anything less than original parts, we have recently discovered a producer of iPhone screens that has finally cracked the code.

So once again, the prices have changed overnight. But this time, its for the better! That's what we call a HUGE win-win. The good old days of inexpensive iPhone screen repairs is back in Vancouver and this time, it’s here to stay! No longer do you have to choose between low quality aftermarket parts and high quality screen repairs! Of course, if you really want those OEM quality repairs, they are still available upon request. Call us at 604-700-6049 to book your iPhone repair and get that broken glass the love it so desperately deserves once and for all. Walk-ins at our cellphone repair shop are welcome too! You can find our boutique repair center at 245 W Broadway, Vancouver. Get your fix today!

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