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February 7th, 2018 / Go Mobile Repair / 0 comments

When you walk through the doors of our humble Vancouver cell phone repair shop, you will instantly recognize we’re not your regular tech company. A lush moss wall serves as a backdrop to our selection of products; reclaimed wood wraps throughout the interior; plants playfully dance from the ceiling and burst through a picture frame. No, this isn’t a spa! You’ve just walked into the greenest phone repair shop in the city.

go green wall with phones

Our green interior reflects our green attitude towards the environment. We buy and sell previously-owned mobile devices, keeping electronic waste out of landfills. We built our business on the public transit system, helping keep pollution out of the air. We even refurbish your broken LCD screens, putting....money in your pocket? Allow me to explain!

When you come in with your broken glass touch screen on your iPhone, you most likely will be expecting us to replace just the glass. However, since the iPhone 4 series, Apple has begun to fuse the glass digitizer and the LCD display screen together into one part. As a result, both your glass and your display are swapped out for a whole new panel as part of the standard repair process. Although having two parts in one drives up the cost of the repair, we can offer a cheaper “glass-only” price if your device meets certain criteria.

To obtain our glass-only repair price at GoMobile, your iPhone must not have:

  • Lost any touch screen functionality (just watch out for glass slivers!).
  • Damage or discolouration to the display screen.
  • Had the screen replaced by a third-party phone repair company.
  • Water-damage inside the iPhone.

So how do we offer a cheaper glass-only price? We refurbish your part locally! Just like how you can take in your pop cans for some extra cash, we get some money for your broken screens. After our screens are processed, they are refurbished into like-new parts and put back into the marketplace instead of into the waste bin. And the best part? We pass our savings onto you! Depending on the type of iPhone, we offer a $15-$40 rebate for your damaged screen.

Throw us a text, give us a call if you have any questions or concerns about your damaged screen or LCD display. We’re here to help! Stay green, Vancouver.

Our rebate program is currently only offered with damaged iPhone screens.

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