Google Bans Phone Repair?

January 15th, 2019 / Go Mobile Repair / 0 comments

For over eight years, the team of cell phone repair technicians at GoMobile have been pleasing Metro Vancouver customers with speedy and quality service, right to your doorstep. But, aside from our outstanding unique service, how did we become so successful? The answer: visibility! We got into the repair game so early, that our business was the first company to start utilizing Google’s Adwords platform. It allowed our then tiny company to gain great visibility in the marketplace and grow our customer base. After years of advertising and thousands upon thousands of dollars spent on our ad campaign, you’d think Google would love our business, right? All the more confusing that Google has recently decided to ban all cell phone repair companies from advertising on their platform. Wow.
Google Ads

Why Did This Happen?

This unprecedented move to stifle third party cell phone repair shops in Vancouver and beyond has come without warning or notice. So what’s Google’s problem? Allegedly, they are cracking down on shifty smartphone repair shops that are claiming to use original parts when, in fact, they are using cheap aftermarket knockoffs. Although at first glance, this seems like a good thing to protect the public from being deceived from the bad apples of the world (pun intended), we can’t help but be a little suspicious knowing that Google makes and repairs their own phones.  What’s more, they even have partnerships with some of the bigger American franchises that won’t be affected as much by this move. Hmmmm…

We phoned Google to get some answers, but when we contacted them through every possible channel, we always ended up with a support representative in India who had little to no idea what was going on. The worst part is, despite our frustration with our ads not running without a proper explanation, we were still getting billed for using the service! Call us crazy, but this feels an awful lot like they are trying to intentionally squeeze out the smaller, homegrown businesses like our own.

What Does This Mean for GoMobile?

When you search for a cell phone repair on Google, typically you would type something in like “iPhone repair Vancouver” or “Samsung Galaxy screen repair”. Although doing so now will still garner natural unpaid results, you will notice there are no advertisement links pinned to the top of the screen. Thankfully, our burgeoning business has been around for a number years and has garnered a huge cult following of dedicated customers. We’ve also naturally risen to the top of Googles organic search results from having a great webpage and awesome customers who visit us, just like you! Thanks to your support, our business remains as strong as ever.

The Search is Over!

Google has a valid concern: make sure you understand the quality of the parts being installed into your phone. Generally speaking, poorly-rated repair shops or ones with insanely cheap repairs are the ones to avoid. With GoMobile, we are open and honest about the (high) quality of parts that we use and our reviews speak for themselves. And let’s be real, our prices are great too!

A huge shout out to our loyal, educated customer-base who makes a conscious decision to support small business. We couldn’t do it without you! We look forward to continuing to find creative new ways to advertise our mobile delivery repair service and bring high-quality iPhone and Android repairs to all those in need. We're glad you found us.

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