Google Nexus 6P Battery Problems? We can help!

March 20th, 2018 / Go Mobile Repair / 0 comments

You were so excited for your shiny new device. It was the top of the line and excellently reviewed. Now your phone is not holding its charge and the battery drains quick and you’ve barely touched it all day.

Nexus 6P battery replacement in Vancouver

Know that you are not alone.

We’ve had many customers coming in and reporting serious battery drainage issues with their Google Nexus 6P devices. There have even been some reports of Nexus 6P phones bootlooping.

Why is This Happening

It’s that classic tale of pointing fingers. Google says it’s a manufacturer defect with Huawei, who made the phone, and Huawei says it’s a a software defect from Google. Either way that leaves the consumer, you, SOL.

Phone Warranty and You

Warranty is a tricky beast. When you buy your phone, the warranty time actually comes from the manufacturer, in this case Huawei, and not your provider. It’s often in the small print somewhere on the box or in the instructions and often not pointed out by your provider. A little sleuthing and you should be able to find out if you’re under the warranty time.

That being said, reports are saying that Huawei customer service is practically impossible to get in touch with (probably something to do with that class action lawsuit. At some point Google was replacing the Nexus 6P but that was only in the US and UK and has since stopped.

If you’re outside your warranty, frankly, you’re only solutions are to replace or repair. Not what you wanted to hear, we know.

GoMobile to the Rescue

So, what does this mean if you’re the owner of a Google Huawei Nexus 6P in Canada (specifically Metro Vancouver)? Come see GoMobile, for all is not lost. We have successfully repaired Nexus 6Ps and returned them to many a happy customer.

The cost of the repair is $69 with free delivery when you drop your device at our storefront.
If you can’t make into the store, contact us and arrange us to come to you. Too good to be true, you say? Check out our reviews and we’ll see you soon.

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