What to do if my iPhone is Lost or Stolen

March 22nd, 2022 / Go Mobile Repair / 0 comments

As experts in everything mobile phone-related, the professionals at GoMobile Repair have seen it all. From cracked screens to ill-functioning iPhones, there are few things anymore that will surprise us. While we are certainly in the broken phone business, our experts also field their fair share of questions regarding lost or stolen iPhones as well. To help tackle this level of inconvenience, we like to break down actionable items into three simple categories before suggesting buying a used phone in Vancouver as a replacement.

Immediate Response

There are a few simple steps to handle immediately, once you realize that your phone is missing. Many of these steps aren’t all that different from when you misplace your wallet or keys. To start, retrace your steps and try to recall where you were last using it. In most instances, you will find your lost phone by systematically retracing your steps. If you don’t find it by simply searching, try prompting Siri to respond by asking her to play a song or give you the news. If Siri is also unhelpful, giving your phone a call is always a smart move. A lot of people keep their phones on vibrate, so it is critical to be quiet while listening for a ring. Consider retracing your steps and calling your phone periodically from one place to the next to eliminate different locations from your search. If this still doesn’t lead to a found phone, don’t panic. It is not yet time to buy a used iPhone in Vancouver as a replacement – just move on to our next steps.

Use Features to Find your Phone

iPhones have built-in features to help users find lost phones, and oftentimes these features do prove rather helpful when used correctly. The first step in this is to activate Find My on your iPhone when it is still in your possession. If you are reading this, and your iPhone is nearby, do this now! Open Settings and click on your Name/Photo. Click on Find My, and make sure Find My iPhone is turned on. On newer phones, the location of your phone is still traceable even if your lost phone is dead or turned off.

Once you have enabled Find My, you can track your device via iCloud or by using the Find My app on another Apple device you own. Ideally, you will be able to track your lost phone’s location and retrieve it in no time. If not, it is time to maybe start considering buying a used phone in Vancouver after you’ve completed the following steps.

Reporting your Phone Lost or Stolen

If you have exhausted all options and are convinced your phone is gone forever, there are some requisite steps to be taken. Perhaps the most critical is to enable Lost Mode. You can do this by opening the Find My app on another device you own, finding your lost phone under-listed devices, and simply marking it as lost. By doing so, any credit cards or bank accounts linked to Apple Pay will be removed and Low Power Mode will be enabled to increase its battery life as you continue searching. From here, you can also add contact information and a message should someone else find your phone and want to return it.

Finally, after you are certain your phone will never turn up again, it is time to have your carrier flag your IMEI number to prevent the phone from being used by someone else, file a claim if you have insurance, and report it stolen to the police if you do indeed believe someone has taken it. From there, it is time to buy a used iPhone in Vancouver or treat yourself to a shiny new (and expensive!) piece of technology.

Buy Used Phone from GoMobile Repair

At GoMobile Repair, we have established ourselves as the leading phone service provider in the Vancouver area. While we are more than capable of fixing and repairing broken phones, we also are the area’s go-to provider for those looking to buy a used phone in Vancouver. Whether your iPhone was lost, stolen, or you need an upgrade, stop in and pay us a visit. Our expert staff is always eager to help customers remain connected to the world at large!

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