How To Choose A Phone Case

July 9th, 2022 / Go Mobile Repair / 0 comments

As one of Vancouver’s longest-running phone repair services, we’ve seen it all when it comes to phone damage. Most commonly, it’s a cracked screen be it just the glass or display and touch-interface damage as well. The best way to avoid this kind of damage is by having a quality case on your device. But how does one choose a case that will do the job?

What I would recommend is something that covers the back and sides of your phone and has a sturdy rubber or silicone lip that, when viewing the phone from the side, extends beyond the screen - that way, if your phone lands face down on a flat surface, the case will take the hit as intended leaving your screen unscathed. It’s also important for the corners of the case to be significantly fortified as there is a good chance the corner of the phone will be the first thing to break the fall. Even if it’s just the frame that takes the impact, that force can easily transfer to the screen and cause it to crack.

I see a lot of cases that come just short of the front edge of the phone which does nothing for the screen. They’re usually a flimsy plastic fancifully decorated which, sure, can protect the housing from wear but that’s about it. For some, anything more than a slim case like this is too bulky but, rest assured, you’ll most likely pay for it down the line.

While you can get big bulky water-and-dust-proof cases that have a clear plastic film that covers the screen itself, I wouldn’t recommend them for every-day use unless you work in construction or another field where there are ample opportunities for accidents. They tend to ruin the tactile nature of the screen and force you to be more deliberate with every tap and swipe. Moreover, they get scratched up fairly easily and, with enough wear, will make the screen look like a blurry mess. If you use these, you’ll probably want to replace them semi-annually.

I do, however, recommend a high-quality tempered-glass screen guard in the instance that the face of your phone takes a direct hit. This type of protection will usually do the job and won’t get all scratched up and bubbly like those old plastic screen protectors. Yes, the glass ones can break but that’s what they’re there for - to take the hit instead of your screen. A much cheaper fix than a new screen which, for many, is the most expensive part of the phone.

Here at GoMobile, we have many cases for a variety of phones so come on by to see what we have in store!

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