Protect your Device with a Glass Screen Protector!

October 9th, 2019 / Go Mobile Repair / 0 comments

You drop your beloved cell phone and watch in horror as it spins towards the concrete sidewalk below in slow-motion. It makes an audible clap as it spanks the ground face-first -  it doesn’t sound good. Cringing as you pick up, you brace yourself for the worst-case scenario. But wait! There is a glimmer of hope – you bought a sturdy, bullet-proof case to protect your smartphone for this very instance. Surely, it must’ve broken the fall! Finally building up the courage to turn the device around, a thousand fragments of glass refracting light in every direction stare back at you in a spiderweb pattern. Your phone is broken. How did this happen!?

Phone Protection 101

Broken iPhone and Android screen repairs are our bread and butter…but that doesn’t mean we wish any harm on your device. We always recommend getting a protective case to shield your phone from, well, gravity! A good case will save your device from 90% of falls, but what about the other 10%? Not often, but sometimes, your tiny pocket computer phone thingy will go flying and land screen-side down on an uneven surface like a gravel road or the corner of a desk. When this happens, your case offers little-to-no protection. Here’s an analogy anybody in Vancouver can relate to: imagine going out in a rainstorm with a heavy-duty pair of boots and a water-resistant jacket. Your body and feet will stay dry, but your head will get soaked without an umbrella or a hat! In a similar fashion, the glass digitizer of your mobile phone needs something to protect it from the elements.

Enter the tempered glass screen protector.

Get Set to Protect

What exactly is a screen guard anyway? Good question! A tempered glass screen protector is an incredibly thin piece of semi-flexible glass with an even thinner transparent layer of adhesive on one side. With a little precision and a lot of practise, our experts at GoMobile Repair can expertly install one on the face of your device with no trace of dust or hairs trapped underneath. With an additional layer of glass on top of the glass that already exists on your phone, you’re effectively adding an invisible suit of armour to your phone. Bring it on, world!

But hold the phone (pun intended)! Your smartphone glass is already pretty strong and can withstand scratches and impacts all on its own. However, with just the right hit and it will shatter into a million pieces. The tempered glass screen guard is no different. So why add another layer of breakable glass on top of your screen? The answer may surprise you: it’s a fraction of the price. Consider the costs associated with breaking your phone screen. Typically, you’re looking at a minimum of $100 to repair your cell and much, much more if you have a fancy new phone with an OLED display like the iPhone X or a Samsung Galaxy S10. Then look at the alternative – a $20-$30 screen protector that you may need to replace once or twice in the lifetime of your phone could literally save you hundreds of dollars down the road. If your phone ever suffers a fall bad enough that breaks the screen guard, you can just peel it off to reveal a unscathed glass screen below. A few bucks and a new screen guard later, you’ll be ready to face the world again.

Choose Your Flavour of Safety!

Our screen guards come in two flavours: full screen protection and regular. Modern smartphones are designed to have a beveled glass edge which, although looks and feels great, does pose a problem when applying a flat screen guard. Regular glass screen protectors solve this problem by leaving a small gap between the edge of the screen guard and the edge of the glass on your phone. Generally speaking, it is about a millimeter in size and isn’t terribly noticeable unless your screen is off. A full screen protector goes the distance, edge-to-edge and mimics the curve of your smartphone’s glass face. Although this solves the problem of the beveled edge, it also creates a new one: a raised lip at the edge of your phone that is susceptible to chipping and breakage. The solution is to pair the full screen guard with a case that has a raised lip – which perfectly describes every single kind of case that we sell at GoMobile. No matter which screen guard you choose, we always recommend pairing your cellphone with a protective case.

Come by our shop today at 245 W Broadway for your $20 tempered glass screen guard or get a full screen guard for just an extra $10. If you don’t trust yourself to keep your protector completely damage-free, you might be interested in paying a little more for a lifetime warranty protection plan. All you have to do is pay double the price for your screen guard and we’ll replace it any number of times if you ever chip, crack or scratch your screen guard. It’s a small price to pay for a lifetime of peace of mind!

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