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May 17th, 2018 / Go Mobile Repair / 0 comments

Need a new phone but can’t wait until your contract is up? Is your cell busted beyond repair but you can’t afford a brand-spanking new replacement? Don’t want to lose your sweet deal with your phone carrier? There are many reasons why upgrading your device might be stressing you out!

But consider this: buying a certified pre-owned phone from GoMobile is just about as good as a shiny new one. And it’s way cheaper!

Advantage of Buying a Pre-owned Device

Not stuck in a contract

For most people, the cost of buying the phone outright is just too much money. You might get a free or low price upgrade to your cell but you have to wait until your 2-year contract is up. If you’re planning to move away or want to keep your options open, this may not be ideal for you. Buying a used phone is a terrific way to upgrade your smartphone with a smaller price tag and no strings attached.

Cheaper than new

Smartphones are about the only technology we can think of that keeps getting MORE expensive over the years. The brand new iPhone X is over $1500 if you buy it outright! And that’s just the entry-level version. When you buy a pre-owned device through us, you’re savinging hundreds of dollars by buying last year’s model. Many of our devices are in mint condition and with our 6-month warranty on your new-to-you purchase, it’s almost like getting a brand new phone at half the price!

Reusing usable electronics

Electronic waste is a growing issue. We’re producing more e-waste than ever before and it’s hurting the environment. With phone cycles lasting only about three years tops with today’s fast-paced technology development, people are disposing of old smartphones at a rapid rate. Buying these used cell phones allows you to do your part in helping keep our world green and keeping electronics out of our landfills and oceans.

Why Buy with GoMobile?

Because we’re the best, duh!

Seriously, though, we are proud of the used and refurbished mobile devices we offer. Every pre-owned device we sell is tested, unlocked, and guaranteed against hardware defects and software locks for six months. That’s double the warranty from most of our competitors, including the Apple store.

GoMobile has a wide range of used cell phones and mobile devices. With new stock every week, we carry all your faves and sometimes hard-to-find devices:

  • Apple iPhones &iPads
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Google Pixel
  • Nexus 6P and Nexus 5
  • OnePlus
  • And, yes, even Blackberry

Avoid the scary questionable Craigslist buy, drop by our shop and see what we have in-store. Mention this blog post and you’ll get $20 off any regular-priced device over $298 (in-store offer only). Then use that $20 to celebrate how smart you are for buying a pre-owned, world-saving phone.

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