Should I Use A Screen Guard?

October 1st, 2022 / Go Mobile Repair / 0 comments

As a phone repair technician, I see a lot of damaged smartphones. More often than not, those phones have a broken screen which is usually the first thing to go in the case of a fall or impact. For this reason, I highly recommend not only a high-quality case but also some form of compatible screen protection. In this article, I will go over a variety of different types of screen guard.


When discussing screen guards, many people cringe and say something like “oh, I hate those things” or “I always get bubbles underneath”. These are usually people who haven’t used a screen guard since plastic was the only mainstream option and, honestly, I can’t blame them for that reaction. Plastic screen guards don’t really do much, if anything, to protect your phone screen from impact - they are largely there to protect against scratches. And because plastic is much softer than glass, it ends up getting scratched even more than your screen would have in the first place. Bubbles and dust will eventually make their way under the film and, along with the aforementioned scratches, make your screen a blurry mess. Not only that but plastic protectors can be rather tricky to apply. My recommendation to you if you have one of these on your phone: throw it in the trash bin!


Another form of plastic screen guard is that of the “hydrogel” variety. The tactile experience with these is kinda nasty and I personally would never use them. It feels like thick, gummy, processed plastic that is easily damaged even with a fingernail (though, it’s said that these have “self-healing” properties. Would not recommend!

Tempered Glass

This is my preferred type of screen protection despite its flaws. Glass screen guards, being made of glass, feel just like the naked screen and, if it is a quality product, will not interfere with the touch-interface sensitivity. If you’re using a modern flat-faced phone with no buttons on the front, a glass screen protector can be the same size and shape of your screen meaning you will nary even be aware of its existence. The one thing to consider with this style is that they tend to crack and they will do so more easily than your screen, however, they are easily and affordably replaced. Glass guards take the hit, absorb the impact, and save your expensive screen from getting damaged. If you keep your phone in your pocket or purse along with keys, coins, or anything metal, glass screen guards tend to chip or spider-web with not much pressure. It’s safe practice to avoid your keys pressing into your phone screen with or without protection so I don’t see this as much of a downside.

Curved Glass

The curved tempered glass screen guards are perhaps the strongest and most effective of all, however, you’ll only ever see them made for devices with curved screens like the Samsung Galaxy S-series of phones. What makes them so good is the liquid adhesive used to stick the glass to the screen which, once cured, makes a gummy impact-absorbing layer without ruining the feel of the glass or the clarity of the display. The adhesive cures with UV light - a small disposable light-emitting device will usually be included with the product - and application is extremely messy. While you can apply it yourself, I would recommend paying to have it done for you. If you get bubbles in the adhesive, it will be very difficult to salvage the screen protector.


Lastly we have Whoosh! Diamond Defense. This product is perfect for the “smartphone nudist”. Unlike other forms of screen protection, Diamond Defense is a treatment for the screen’s glass making it up to 15-times stronger and, therefore, less likely to crack or scratch. Think of it as steroids as opposed to armour. The formulation comes in the form of a wet-wipe - just rub it on to your screen, wait for 5 minutes, buff it with the included microfibre cloth, and repeat one to three times. It couldn’t be easier to apply so no need to recoil in fear of getting bubbles underneath! If, however, you would prefer it to be installed by a professional, we here at GoMobile will do it for you at no additional cost. The product can also be used on the back glass of your phone as well. Whoosh! recommends applying Diamond Defense annually. 

Most of the screen guards mentioned here are available in a variety of flavours be it clear, matte anti-glare, privacy, case-friendly, anti-bacterial, blue-light-filtering, etc. Come on by the shop and one of our friendly and knowledgeable technicians will help you find the screen protector that’s right for you!

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