Terms Of Service


GoMobile Repair offers one-year warranty on all parts and labour for all repairs, unless otherwise stated. To claim your warranty, you must save and present your repair receipt to one of our representatives to replace the part in question. Only parts repaired or replaced by one of our repair technicians is subject for further work under our warranty. Any work done under a valid warranty claim is provided free of additional charges provided the device is brought to us at our storefront location or if we are notified of the claim within 48 hours for on-site repairs. Warranty is voided if the device that we repaired has been opened or repaired by any individual or third-party repair service other than GoMobile Repair at any time. Furthermore, we do not offer any warranty on devices that have been water-damaged or noticeably bent. Warranty coverage may no longer apply if the phone has been misused, dropped or crushed after our repair. As some display screens are very fragile, dead displays are almost always a result of dropping, extreme pressure or misuse and will most likely not be covered under our policy. All warranty claims are subject to the analysis and discretion of GoMobile Repair employees.


Before using the repair services at GoMobile Repair, you should back up your phone data. GoMobile Repair is not held responsible for any lost or corrupt data of your phone during or after repairs.

If the device being repaired has been bent, water-damaged, or serviced by any other third-party repair service other than GoMobile Repair, we are not responsible for any additional damage or loss of integrity that the device may incur during repair procedures.

In using our repair services, the client is acknowledging that this may void any warranty that the manufacturer or issuer of the devices normally provides. In addition, if the device being repaired has a water-resistant seal, we cannot guarantee continued water-resistance after our repair is complete. We do NOT recommend using your device underwater before or after our repair.

Please note, if we cannot fix your device, our time is not free. We do have a $30 labour fee for unsuccessful repairs. In some cases, we may consider the use of your device for spare parts in lieu of payment.

Incidental Damage

If, during a repair, additional parts of the client’s device become damaged through no fault of our technician, it is not the responsibility of GoMobile Repair. Trauma caused by the initial damage or sometimes even an inadequate assembly at the factory where it was manufactured can lead to further damage upon disassembly. If the technician is responsible for damage, the new issue will be fixed for free. Otherwise, the client has the option of paying an additional cost to repair the incidental damages or leave them as is.
In the case the incidental damage cannot be repaired and our technician is at fault, GoMobile Repair will cover the cost to replace the device, less the cost of the original repair. Replacing the device may need to happen through a third-party, such as Apple, or we may need to purchase a second-hand one. If this is not possible, GoMobile Repair will pay out the full value of the damaged phone to the client via cheque or e-transfer. Please note, phone replacements and payouts may take a few days.

Delivery Service

If we come to you for your repair, it shall be conducted in a time frame and location agreed to by the operator and the client. A fifteen minute buffer from the agreed time should be allotted to allow for traffic and unforeseen circumstances. A representative of GoMobile Repair will contact you for any arrival outside of this time frame.
Should the client not be available at the beginning of the agreed time of meeting, we cannot guarantee that our technician will be able to wait for the client to arrive in the specified location. Furthermore, should the client not be available to retrieve the phone at the end of the repair in the time frame agreed to by both parties (within reason, at the discretion of the technician), the technician has the right to hold onto the client’s device, which can be later picked up at our storefront location at 245 W Broadway Vancouver, BC.

A $30 dollar cancellation fee will be due for any appointment canceled by the client within 24 hours of agreed repair time. The fee can either be paid for over the phone via credit card or be charged against a future repair if booked at the time of cancellation.


Payment for the use of our repair services will be made at the end of the repair. Should the client refuse payment after the repair has been performed, GoMobile Repair reserves the right to withhold the device from the client until such payment is made for the repair.

Due to local labour laws, repairs and services done on electronic devices incur both 5% GST and 7% PST.

Abandoned Devices

Should a client’s device with an unpaid repair remain in our possession for over 45 days due to the client’s negligence, it will be considered abandoned and will then become the property of GoMobile Repair. Devices that have been repaired and paid for may remain in our possession (due to the client’s negligence) for up to 60 days before they become the property of GoMobile Repair.

Device and Accessory Sales

Device sales and accessory sales are final. For warranty claims for purchased accessories, such as phone cases or headphones, please contact the manufacturer. We recommend keeping your packaging and proof of purchase should you need to make a warranty claim with the manufacturer. GoMobile Repair offers a six-month warranty on all device sales which include hardware faults/defects and also protects you from blacklisting and iCloud locks. For valid warranty claims on devices, we will first attempt to repair the device. If unsuccessful, we will replace the device for no extra charge.

Agreement of the Terms and Conditions

By using the repair services of GoMobile Repair, you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions.