Why Choose Us?

With cell phone repair shops popping up on every city block and strip mall these days, it’s hard to know who to trust with your beloved iPhone or Android. So why choose GoMobile with all of your tablet and smartphone repair needs?

Same Day Cell Repairs

Can you imagine sending your smartphone away for a few days - or weeks even - to get repaired? Neither can we! As avid smartphone users ourselves, we know how much society relies on this technology in today’s world. Whether you’re checking your email, paying for parking or ordering dinner, it’s hard to go without your phone these days! Big companies like Apple and Samsung and carriers like Telus, Bell and Rogers typically rely on third-parties for repairs and it can take them forever to get your device back in your hands where it belongs. At GoMobile Repair, we can get your phone back in action the same day for most repairs. What’s more, we can do many repairs on location, wherever you are. Nice!

Local Experience You Can Trust

Our trusted team of technicians have been elbows deep in smartphone repairs as long as…well, as long as smartphones have been around to repair! Way back in 2010 when we first emerged in Vancouver as The Mobile iPhone Repair Shop, we already had a great grasp on something every other repair center seemed to be missing – transparency. Back then, we were 100% mobile with no storefront location, so we found ourselves fixing devices right in front of our clients at their homes, offices and favourite cafes. Not only could our customers be dazzled as they watched us fix their phones right in front of their eyes, but they could see we had nothing to hide. Today we still have the same transparent approach and it shines through in our website with no hidden prices, our open-concept storefront with no mysterious back room and our now-famous mobile on-site service where we come to you for repairs.

The People Have Spoken!

After many years of helping one satisfied customer after another, we’ve made a lot of friends! Whether it’s been a student up at UBC, a restaurant owner downtown or an actor on a film set in Burnaby, we’ve saved the lives of thousands (of phones, heehee) all over Metro Vancouver. And when you help this many people – the word gets out! Just check out all our online reviews from happy customers – we proudly boast the highest amount of feedback on Yelp in our industry and have over 500 reviews on Google. All our reviews are from real people and real repairs (something that can’t be said about some our competitors’ reviews *ahem*). Maybe your beaming review for GoMobile Repair will be next?

Quality Guaranteed

In a world where people are becoming increasingly aware of what they are putting into their body, isn’t it time we started asking the same questions about other aspects in life? Most people don’t know this, but there are varying levels of quality in the cell phone replacement parts industry. Do you ever wonder why there’s always that super cheap option in some no-name repair dungeon in Richmond? It’s because they use cheap aftermarket parts – and good luck making a warranty claim if something goes wrong a few days later! Not only does GoMobile only rely on Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts whenever possible, we also offer a one-year warranty on all repairs*.

It’s Easy To Be Green

Kermit was wrong! Just by choosing to repair your cell phone or tablet locally, you are helping to keep electronics out of the landfill and our environment clean. Not only do we help thousands with this decision every year, but we even recycle all of our packaging and electronic waste, whenever possible. Cell phone batteries, broken glass digitizers, dead LCD screens, water-damaged motherboards – it all gets recycled locally! In fact, we even have an exciting program wherein we send some of your broken iPhone screens to our suppliers where they get refurbished into a new working screen. They then go back into the marketplace and we discount your repairs as a result! Now that’s some “green” we can all understand.

The choice is clear. Go with GoMobile! Now your only decision is whether you want to relax on our couch or yours…

*some conditions apply.