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February 20th, 2018 / Go Mobile Repair / 0 comments

Get that phone unlocked and save some cash money! How’s that, you ask?

locked phones

Say you’re switching carriers. An unlocked phone means you don’t have to be locked into a what-feels-like-an-eternity phone contract. You can easily go with month-to-month billing or a less restrictive plan instead. Or maybe you’re off travelling. An unlocked phone means you can easily insert a SIM card from an overseas carrier and avoid ridiculous roaming charges. A dollar here, a dollar there, and you’ll soon be a millionaire!*

As of December 1, 2017, if you have an account with a Canadian telecommunications carrier, they are required by the CRTC to unlock your phone for free. Of course, those telecom carriers aren’t by any means making it easy. We’ve heard stories and experienced it ourselves, they like to (surprise!) keep you on hold and give you the runaround. Not to mention, if you no longer have an active account or aren’t in good standing, they might even refuse to unlock your device.

But fear not - here at GoMobile, you can save time, get straight answers, and avoid that painful hold music, because we got your back.

So, how does this work?

Give GoMobile a call and we’ll remotely factory unlock your mobile device.

All we need from you is:

  • make and model of your cell phone carrier
  • IMEI number
  • contact info and payment

Factory unlocks guarantee your phone will be unlocked forever. This isn’t something you’ll ever have to do more than once to that particular device. Other unlocks can be temporary, require passcodes or not allow you to perform updates.

Cool! So, how much is this going to cost me and how long is it going to take?

  • Canadian carriers
    • Cost: $ 25 to 39, depending on your type of phone
    • 24 to 48 hours
  • International carriers
    • Unfortunately, these are trickier and cost varies depending on the carrier and phone. Contact us for an exact number and turnaround time.

There you have it! Give us a shout and break free from the shackles of being a locked phone.

*millionaire status not guaranteed

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